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if your question is "can a girl get pregnant before her first period", then, unless in a very unusual case, no, they cannot.

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Can a girl get pregnant after 3 periods?

You can get pregnant after your first ovulation before you even bleed yet so by now you have ovulated 3 times so yes, you could get pregnant.

If a girl has never experienced a period can she get pregnant?

In theory a girl could get pregnant the first time she ovulates, but it's unlikely. More plausible is that a girl might have an extremely light period (or periods) before first getting pregnant and thus not realize she is having periods - or is too ignorant/naive about her body to understand what periods are and thus not know she is experiencing periods and thus might believe she got pregnant without experiencing a period. The reality is that except in rare cases where a girls body is having significant health issues, she will have many periods before the first time she will get pregnant - preferably when she is an adult and married so she is physically prepared and has support for caring for the baby. Any girl young enough to not be having periods should NOT be engaging in activities that could get a girl pregnant - and is probably a victim of a felony if she is.

Can a girl get pregnant BEFORE starting her menstrual periods?

Yes, it is possible. Ovulation comes before the period, so you could be having your first ovulation.Yes, but not likely.

Can a 9 year old girl be pregnant?

Maybe maybe not It's her choice they have to have periods and have sex before getting pregnant.

When your girl is not on her period can she get pregnant?

before and after safe period cycle .she can gt pregnant ..safe cycles goes before and after one week of periods cycle.

How old Can a girl be to get pregnant?

If she's having periods she can get pregnant. In fact if she's having sex just when she's starting on her first cycle she can get pregnant.

Why does a girl have periods?

Girls have periods so that the ovaries can wash out the eggs, also so that the girl and get pregnant :)

Can a girl get pregnant before her first period?

no! it is imposible to get pregnet right before you first period

Least amount of days girl can get pregnant?

It is her first day of the period and also the last day of her periods , these days she has the least chance to get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant the first time she has sex?

Certainly. You can get pregnant anytime you have sex, even before your first period.

Can a girl who has not stated her period get pregnant?

Getting pregnant is related to ovulation. Because a girl can ovulate before having her first period, it is possible to become pregnant before beginning to menstruate. Any time a girl has sex,she can potentially get pregnant.

If girl is pregnant will she get her periods?

No,that means either the baby has died,or you are not pregnant...

Can you get a girl pregnant when she is not on her period?

no! to get pregnet she needs to have her periods>

Can an 11 year old get a 15 year old girl pregnant?

If the eleven year old is producing sperm and the fifteen year old girl is producing eggs (has started her periods/menstrual cycle), then yes, the girl can become pregnant. The girl does not even need to have had her first period. Her first egg is produced before her first period. However, in many countries where both are underage it would be illegal to do so.

What will happen if girl will not get periods?

She can't have babies or is pregnant. What are you a retard?

Can a girl still have her period even if she is a virgin?

Yes, all girls have periods. If you skip your period you are probably pregnant. Periods tell you that you are not pregnant.

What is the time interval after periods during which a girl can get pregnant?

After the period, you will get pregnant after about 7 to 10 days.

Do a girl got to be on a periods to get pregnant?

yes she has to already of had her period to get pregnant and the hymen has to broken too

Can a girl get pregnant before menarche?

Yes, a girl can get pregnant before she reaches menarche. Menarche is first menstruation, and menstruation only occurs as a result of ovulation if the egg is not fertilised. Although sometimes first bleeding can be a result of hormonal changes, mistaken for menstruation, it still remains that a girl can become pregnant before reaching menarche.

Can a girl get pregnant on the first day of her period?

Girl can't get pregnant if she has sex on the first day of periods. In a girl with regular 28 day cycle with bleeding of 5 days the thumb rule is FIRST 7 days and LAST 7 days from the day period starts is SAFE period.

Can you get a little girl pregnant?

If she has started having periods and have sex then yes.

How do you know if a girl is sexually mature?

When a girl has her first period she is sexually mature and able to get pregnant. Note that it is possible to ovulate (release and egg) and therefor get pregnant before your first period.

Is it possible to get a girl pregnant at the age of 11 to 12?

If the girl has already started her periods then yes.

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