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No. Semen must enter the vagina before pregnancy can occur.


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The only way for a female to get pregnant is for a man to ejaculate semen into the woman's vagina. A girl can't get pregnant from a girl; a guy cannot get pregnant from a girl.

No. In order to get pregnant you need sperm and you would need a man for that. If your masturbating and you make semen and eat it, you cannot get pregnant.

Are you serious. It comes out to get a girl pregnant, it must be inside the female at time of ejection. Get a book and a clue. If you are referring to semen coming out of the penis, it is called ejaculation. If you are referring to a portion of the semen coming out of the vagina, it is perfectly normal and does not greatly reduce the probablility of pregnancy.

Yes, if a man has ejaculated inside you, and you let the semen remain in your body, there is the possibility that you will become pregnant.

No. Male urine does not carry semen the fluid that contains sperm. There is not possibility of pregnancy from urine.

Only if semen is on his fingertips.

If his climax resulted in semen entering her vagina, and she is capable of getting pregnant, yes.

No one can get pregnant by swallowing semen. And a man doesn't even have ovaries or a uterus and can never get pregnant.

Yes. A tired man can still produce semen. It might take more effort but as long as he can put semen into a woman's vagina, she can become pregnant.

A female cannot get pregnant unless semen is ejaculated into her womb or vagina from the penis. Cunniligus(or sucking/licking) of the vagina will not cause impregnation.

A man wants to eat his own semen.Is it possible?

No. To get pregnant, you need sperm cells (semen) from a man.

No, semen has no effect like that on anything. But you can get a STD and pregnant if the semen drops down to the vagina.

Semen generally contains sperm cells, and it is the sperm cells in the semen that cause pregnancy. However, if the man has had a successful vasectomy or had his testes removed, his semen will not contain sperm cells.

Not with his own semen. Though if he came into contact with another man's semen (having sex with another man or even a woman who recently had sex), then the "foreign" semen could impregnate the woman.

unless that girl is secretly a

Sperm (which contains semen, which gets girls pregnant)

Not with his own semen. Though if he came into contact with another man's semen (having sex with another man or even a woman who recently had sex), then the "foreign" semen could impregnate the woman.

No, tampons cannot lead to pregnancy. In order to get pregnant a girl would have to come in contact with semen containing sperm - this would come from a man during ejculation. Typically she would have to have sex in order to get pregnant, a tampon is not a penis and inserting a tampon is not sex.

First of all. Only girls are able to get pregnant. Second of all. If your a girl and you can ejaculate go see your doctor. There is a such thing as girls squirting but I myself have never seen a girl ejaculate semen. So no. You cant get pregnant by your own sperm because you either are a man and you cant get pregnant or your a woman and cannot produce sperm

No. Not only does the semen die quickly outside the body, it has no way to travel up into the vagina.

Full ejaculation is not necessary for a woman to get pregnant. During sex, men will pass fluids (not ejaculatory semen) that may carry a few sperm. It only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg.

No. If he is truly sterile there will be no sperm present in his semen to fertilize the woman's eggs.

There is approximately one chance in 50,000 that a man who has had a vasectomy can have sperm in his semen.

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