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she likes him too. get over it

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that she still likes that person but there is a possibility that they like you too

Im In The 7th Grade, and this boy has every girls number and mostly every girl likes him, i used to like him but i dnt like him anymore. {he even went out with some of my friends, and 1 of my friends likes him}

you say can we talk i don't want to start a fight but i have a serious and honest question to ask you. i wont get mad i just want the truth. ask your question.

Okay, he might know he likes you, but this is as serious as I can get. He may not even like you! Try to thinnk of that. And do you really know that his little brother likes you? I have a friend that has a girlfriend that went on a vacation. He asked another girl to go out with him. She said no, and I am going to tell the girlfriend that he asked out another girl, so he might not be falling for you. Sorry, but the big bro here may think the little brother is not in love.

I'm in the same situation, accept I'm FRIENDS with this girl. And the guy goes to our church and she went to our homecoming with him. i think they are together, but it's hard to tell because we don't talk a lot. but i really like this guy.i wish i could help but i can hardly help myself with this problem!

Not date him he probably Isn't good enough for you if he is in jail

fight to the death!! Ok I have more then one answer for this You can wait until your friend stops liking that girl so then you can go for her and ask her out. If you are to impatinet and your frined still likes that girl after a while you should find out who the girl likes more if it is you she likes more then maybe you can talk to you friend and ask if that would be ok if you went out with her. BUT you should NEVER let girls ruin your friendship with you guy friends.

there should not a problem. I think you just have to tell the girl how you feel and get her interested in you. The only problem is if the girl tht you dated still likes you and you want to date her friend then that won't work out and you might ruin their friendship.

no he never they went out befor but then she went out with another guy and then had a child

you have your friend ask him if he likes you and if hes curious use an excuse i did that at school. my friend liked a girl so i asked her if she liked him and she said why and i said " because you are the closest girl and hes my friend so i was just wondering" and she went along with it.

Most people would say, tell him how you feel, ask him that if you went out would he still have feelings for you, well that is not what i will tell you. Personally i think what you should do is give him hints that you really like him a lot and that maybe you might be better for him than the other girl. Dont be mean to the other girl, be friendly be nice and be normal! If he chooses the other girl over you what i like to tell myself is "he doesn't know what he is missing!!" but i am sure that you will win him in the end. HOPE THIS HELPS!!! Please go on my page if you would like to ask anymore questions or comment on this answer! and as i always say "i am here for you!"

well most girls rather have a boy ask them out then go ask them selves it would be better for both of you if you went & asked her out

no it doesnt mean that, maybe he was crouis hwo you was playing. or he might like you.

Drop him and move on. Unless, of course, you enjoy having sex with no commitments. Do not expect him to change; if he really cared for you he would not be with the other girl.

I have went through this. All you have to do is be yourself, make her feel special, respect her/treat her nice, and if she still didn't like you she can still be a great friend of yours and you can hang out together.

You can't do anything, yet. Firstly, it would be the right thing to do if you told your friend that she liked you and you like her. If she also likes him, then you will have to wait, if she doesn't like him, then you should wait until she dumps him + a few weeks, and then ask her out. Try not to talk about her too much in front of your friend.

If you really like her and think that she REALLY likes you, go for it. Pursue a relationship. If you trust your friend a lot, and believe he's not just jealous but is really looking out for you, then back off. Challenge her to prove that she really likes you. The best thing to do is follow your heart.

Yes, especially if you utilize a comma right after the "then", like this: I met this really cute girl at the dance. Then, we went out for coffee.

well he likes ellie lackey...or at least he used to. thats what went around school.

Try and do a double date since you like your girl best frind who likes your guy best friend and try and let them get to know each other better then see where it takes you from there.ANSWER ok ive been in this situation, and i was the girl best friend in the situation.i went up to the guy best friend and told him i liked him and then went and asked the guy best friend's friend (you) and asked him if he liked me. he said yes and we went out, but in your case, if she doesnt want to go out, you can go on crushing on her without dating her, or move on and devolop a new crush on someone else.

If he likes you but his mate likes you and you like his mate, then it's going to be hard on him. But telling everyone is just a stupid thing to do! It shows how immature boys can be.

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