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she likes him too. get over it

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Q: A girl that likes you and you like her went out with another guy why?
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What does it mean if a girl you like start tellig you about a resent date she went on and it didn't work out?

that she still likes that person but there is a possibility that they like you too

If a boy talks to every girl in your grade what is he trying to do?

Im In The 7th Grade, and this boy has every girls number and mostly every girl likes him, i used to like him but i dnt like him anymore. {he even went out with some of my friends, and 1 of my friends likes him}

If you really like the boy you are dating and you acidentlly broke up with him and he went out with another girl then went back out with you and you really like him but you think he still likes the gi?

you say can we talk i don't want to start a fight but i have a serious and honest question to ask you. i wont get mad i just want the truth. ask your question.

Why does his big brother look at you a lot does he know his little brother likes you please no silly answers?

Okay, he might know he likes you, but this is as serious as I can get. He may not even like you! Try to thinnk of that. And do you really know that his little brother likes you? I have a friend that has a girlfriend that went on a vacation. He asked another girl to go out with him. She said no, and I am going to tell the girlfriend that he asked out another girl, so he might not be falling for you. Sorry, but the big bro here may think the little brother is not in love.

What if your boyfriend went with another girl to prom?

i would be pissed.

GIRLS HELP there is a girl who told you she liked you and you liked her then she told you she didnt like you then she went out with a guy now there done and you still like her but she has no clue?

tell her you like her! she will soo love you for that!! i bet she still likes you.

Do daja like boys?

Yes Daja likes boys i went out with her

What should a girl do if she likes a guy if he went to jail?

Not date him he probably Isn't good enough for you if he is in jail

If a guy asked you out before he went out with another girl is there a chance he will ask me out after he dumpted that girlfriend?

There is still a chance. Try and talk to him about it if you like him.

Did Justin Bieber make a girl pregneat?

no he never they went out befor but then she went out with another guy and then had a child

You and a girl like each other but she went out with this guy over you and the hard part about it is that we spent a whole day together before she chose and we even had sex what do u do?

She likes you, you like her. If there is a choice involved.... um.

How do you get a girl to like you if you went out with one of her friends?

there should not a problem. I think you just have to tell the girl how you feel and get her interested in you. The only problem is if the girl tht you dated still likes you and you want to date her friend then that won't work out and you might ruin their friendship.

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