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A Gage is the former name for a glove, throw down the gauntlet!

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Q: A glove thrown down in a challenge?
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What is a glove called a gage?

The gage was a glove thrown down as a challenge to a combat or duel. The term was used by Shakespeare as synonymous with "throwing down the gauntlet".

If a baseball is thrown with a glove does it have to be caught barehanded?


Will a baseball that is knocked down out of the air with a glove that is thrown up at it and then caught with bare hands count as an out?

No. It is considered interferrence by the fielder and the batter is awarded a hit.

What does gauge mean?

gage1 /geɪdʒ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [geyj] Show IPA noun, verb, gaged, gag⋅ing. -noun 1. something, as a glove, thrown down by a medieval knight in token of challenge to combat. 2. Archaic. a challenge. 3. Archaic. a pledge or pawn; security.-verb (used with object) 4. Archaic. to pledge, stake, or wager.

What does Romeo's reference to a glove mean?

In Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," Romeo's reference to a glove is a metaphor for a challenge or duel. By challenging Juliet to exchange oaths of love by claiming that his "glove" is her "lady's hand," Romeo is playfully suggesting that she should marry him.

Who has final say in throwing the challenge flag in professional football?

The head coach is the person who carries the challenge flag and makes the final decision of whether to throw it or not. A challenge is initiated as soon as an official on the football field recognizes that the challenge flag has been thrown.

Which country's high court has just thrown out a challenge by the tobacco industry against plain packaging of cigarettes?


What moves faster a ball thrown down or a ball falling down?

A ball thrown down. The thrown ball will have a greater initial velocity and since they experience the same force of gravity, it will always be faster (until they both reach terminal velocity).

Can a player throw the ball with his glove?

It depends on the circumstance. A ball can be thrown with a glove to a base in an attempt to force or tag out a runner. A ball can be thrown to a cutoff man with a glove. However, a pitcher cannot pitch with his glove.

What does throw down a challenge mean?

It means to issue a challenge, usually in a very aggressive way, as if you are throwing down a gauntlet.

If a runner is hit with the ball by a miss throw by to the second base man is the runner out?

No. To force an out, the defensive player has to touch the runner with the ball or touch the runner with the glove while the ball is in the glove. A thrown ball touching a runner does not count.

What is the correct response to the challenge word touch?