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A guy might like you how do you ask?

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You should try to hint at it.

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It really dosen't matter if you ask us,but ask yourself or ask the guy some things he like and you might figure it out Goodluck

Ask him to hang out with you some time.

Definitely don't ask him out or tell her! if you do then she might get really upset.

This might sound crazy but ask the guy out. Nothing is cooler to a guy than a confident girl.

Tell them that you like them. I know how hard it is. Why not ask what they are thinking, with no lies. They might just say they like you. (Worked for me ;] )

no most of the time it for a mean joke i have done it before... if that guy talks to you then he might do...

he might like you or he might just think you look good the best thing to do is ask him and if your to nerves ask a friend to ask him

You can't make someone ask you out. So if you like the guy but he's too shy to ask you out then try asking him out instead. Otherwise it might not happen

simple answer:yes.if ur in middle school the guy will automatically like u back and that's where u ask him out. this is coming from a guy.

Answeri think that might be true. if a guy likes you the way to pull the ice is to ask a girl if they have a boyfriend.

You cant get a guy to ask you out, He must like you first if he does, And hes shy about asking you, Then you might have to make the first move.

ask his mate to ask him if he likes yhoo then yhoo will know

He might think your cute, like you, or be flattered that you like him. The only way to really know is to ask him or ask to be his girlfriend.

It depends, *he might like you *a friend of his might like you *he might be a stalker *he might want to be your friend. next time just ask him why he wants your names.

He might find it weird because he knows that you like him, or he might like you back but doesn't want to ask you out, or he's a guy, god knows !

you should may be ask them about how you feel. they may understand or they might just have a total flip at you. ===========================================================

He might be nervous to ask you out,or afraid to that you might say no when he askes you out.

Sometimes they might want to find out if you are a gold-digger or they might want to become one theirself.

The easiest way would be to ask a friend to help. See if they feel the same way and ask them to tell the guy that you like him. As for the rumours they typically die down and just ignore them.

Yes it is common to ask a guy friend about a guy that you have a crush on if he talks about you.

it means they like u but if u don't know them they might be a stalker or raper

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