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Belly mainly

Also, butt, thighs, hips

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The two products made from potatoes that have a large amount of fat are Roast potatoes and Chips

The amount of calories of fat in small fries are 90, as for large fries the amount of calories for large fries is 230.

Yes,because it has a large amount of potassium.

no, the fennec fox has as little body fat possible

not high, but contains a large amount of carbohydrates

Large amount of fat and standard body metabolism.

1. The American model presents success and large breasts. 2. In general, fat accumulates in the breast. The availability of food and the ability to eat it have led to fatness and large breasts, even among women.

Saturated food is foods that contain fat. Butter, and lard are examples of foods with a large amount of saturated fat.

Not many people are smart enough to know exactly how much fat is in their food, but you can tell by how heavy (not weight) the food is. Like it's obvious that cupcakes will have a large amount of fat, but the apple slices will have a low amount of fat.

chorizo is a spicy sausage that comes from Mexico is made out of pork, fat, seasoning and a large amount of garlic,and small amount of onion.

If it is homemade lasagna, just measure out the amount of all your ingredients and check their nutritional information on the package. Most of the fat will come from the cheese. Most lasagna is a large amount of cheese so it will have a good amount of fat.

Liposuction does not remove large quantities of fat and is not intended as a weight reduction technique. The average amount of fat removed is about a liter, or a quart.

The dermis contains a large amount of adipose tissue. This fat tissue provides cushioning for internal organs, as well as heat conservation.

A beer belly is a large amount of fat stored in the abdomen, attributed to the consumption of beer.

An abnormal amount of fat in the body is obesity.

Estrogen is the female hormone which brings in the women-ly changes in women. It primarily accumulates fat in important areas. It accumulates fats under the mamery gland in the chest, and in the vaginal area and in butt region. Having extra fats in these regions ensures easy delivery of baby. So yes estrogen will make your butt appear large, but with more accumulation of fat and muscle (muscle if you have a very good genetics from your parents)

Beause excess amounts can reach toxic levels.

Most certainly if you eat a large amount. Anything more than a cup.

Vitamin A accumulates in the liver.

The body needs a small amount of fat. It can be ingested as the healthier monounsaturated fat or polyunsaturated fat. No amount of saturated fat needs to be ingested.

The density of animal fat does not have an average or standard amount. It varies depending on both the animal and the amount of fat that is measured.

Bile acts as an emulsification agent on fat (emulsify means to break apart), so that enzymes can break the fat molecules into absorb-able size pieces. If the fat is not separated, the enzymes have a hard time digesting the fat, especially if there is a large amount present.

They consume large amount of fish and anything else they can eat, which helps them store fat. As their fat builds the more heat they can store, which then allows them so survive in cold climates

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