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Q: A list of translucent objects in your house?
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What objects is made of translucent?

Nothing is "made of translucent". Translucent is a property of materials. It's not a material in its own right.

What are some translucent objects?

frosted glass

What is translucent in science?

the objects which are not clearly visible

How do transparent translucent and opaque objects affect light?

transparent and translucent objects are the objects that let the light pass through them eg glass, but sometimes translucent objects are colorful so they change the color of the light as it passes through them opaque objects can either absorb the light, like dark material, or reflect, like a mirror.

Can light travel through translucent objects?

My teacher told me that light can travel through translucent object.

What determines the colors of a translucent objects?

the light of it that is wrong

Why you can see objects that are transparent translucent and opaque?

They are special.

List of translucent objects?

Translucent means that some, but not all light passes through the object. Here's a list: ~tinted windows (like on most newer cars) ~finger (if you are shining a flashlight through it in the dark) ~paper This is off of the top of my head, there are plenty more...

Why do translucent objects appear green?

It depends on the lighting and your surroundings

Objects appear fuzzy through a material that is?

Translucent material

How is a translucent object different from a transparent object?

it is different because translucent objects leaves the light to pass through partially,but transparent objects leave the light to pass through fully.

How do you un-ice the objects on Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

The translucent objects? Only Syrena and Philip can break those objects