A magnet has how many poles?


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A magnet has two poles which are known as north and south poles.

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Answer. Two properties of a magnet are: (i) A magnet always has two poles: north pole and south pole.

It has 2 poles. They are the North and South Poles.

two poles Snehasis Dutta

What is little known, is that the whole of the UK is a giant magnet. This is why poles are attracted to it!

2, a positive and a negative yes, a magnet has two poles, a north pole and a south pole. and if you break the magnet, each magnet will obtain its own north and south poles. no matter how many times you break a magnet, they will obtain their own north and south poles

the ends of a magnet are called this south pole and north poleThe ends of a magnet are its poles.Magnetic PolesThe two ends of a magnet are the North and South poles.Poles, North & Southmagnetic poles......

In bar magnets, the magnetic poles are at the ends of the bar. You can cut any bar magnet and it will always have poles at the ends no matter how many times it is divided.

2 because thereare only North and South poles

The opposite poles of a magnet do not repel, they attract.

a mineral magnet can stick to a magnet because a mineral magnet has to poles the north and the south poles

Six. Every bar magnet has 2 poles. If a bar magnet is broken, each resultant piece will be a bar magnet in its own right.

The poles of a magnet are the two ends of the magnet where the charge is different. One side is north; the other is south.

When the magnet poles are the same. Hope this helps :D

Nothing happens, except that now you have two magnets. The poles of a magnet are not actually localized at the two ends of the magnet but are inherent to the magnetic properties of the magnet. As the magnetic properties are not altered by a modification of the magnet such as cutting it in half, there will be no effect on the poles of the magnet.

It has 2 Poles the North Pole and the South Pole . Extra Info . : Like Poles repel where as unlike Poles attract .

One pole in a magnet which is n stands for north , and the other pole on a magnet which is s , stands for south. Those are the two poles on a magnet.

A bar magnet has two poles, a north and a south. When you break a bar magnet into to pieces, you create two bar magnets, each with a north and a south pole. So the total number of poles will then be four.

The two poles of a magnet are called "north pole" and "south pole".

The ends of a magnet are called the "poles". Magnets have both north and south poles.

Each fragment of a bar magnet will have one north pole and one south pole. So if you break a bar magnet in two, there would be 2 North poles and 2 South poles.

A magnet has two poles, north and south.

Yes. A magnet needs two poles: Here the Earth has North and South magnetic poles. The Earth itself is the magnet. They do not coincide with the poles on the map.

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