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Q: A military rank above captain?
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What military rank is above captain?

In the US Army and Airforce, a Major is one rank higher than a Captain. In the US Navy a Rear Admiral lower half (1 Star) is one rank higher than a Captain.

What is the civil rank equivalent of a army captian?

There is no such rank in civiailan life. A captain is a military rank

What is the next rank above captain?


What is the military rank between lieutenant and major?


What is the difference between US military captain and US military major?

A Major is one rank higher then a Captain

What rank is under captain?

The term "captain" is generally used for the leader of a military unit. So in the Army, a captain is the leader of a company, and the next lower rank is "Lieutenant". At sea, the "military unit" is a ship, so the captain is the captain of a ship, which is a much larger military unit. The next lower rank may be commander (generally used for smaller ships) or lieutenant.

What is the next rank above captain in the French Army?

The next rank above Captaine in the French army is Major.

What is the name of the rank below captain?

In the Navy, a Captian is an O-6, and the rank below a Captain is a Commander. In each of the other branches of the US Military, a Captain is an O-3, and the rank below is a 1st Lieutenant.

What is the rank just above corporal?

The next rank above Corporal in most military forces would be Sergeant.

What is the military rank between a captain and colonel?

Major and Lieutenant Colonel

WHich of these is not a military rank Captain Corporal Busker A value is required?

Captain is an officer, Corporal is an enlisted man.

Who ranks higher major or captain?

In US military Major is above the captain.

Is captain higher then lieutenant in police force?

In the police force and in the military, a Captain rank is higher than a Lieutenant

How do you spell captin?

The correct spelling for the ship commander or military rank is "captain."

Which is higher captain general or captain commander?

Which military is this? The question is categorised under US Army and US Navy, but neither rank exists in any branch of the US military. I mean are they the same rank nd my bad for the catagories in any military I mean

Is a colonel higher in rank than a captain?

Yes..Major is just above a Captain..Then Colonel after Major.

When do you capitalize military rank?

When referring to the rank itself, such as Captain, Major, Private or Admiral, it is a proper noun, and should be capitalized.

What rank is colonial in us army?

There is no rank called "colonial." The rank "Colonel" is below General and above Lt. Colonel, Major, Captain, and so on.

What was John McCain's rank when he retired from the Navy?

John McCain's retired from the military with the rank (rating) of US Navy Captain. This is basically equivalent to the rank of Colonel in the Army.

What is grant a military rank called?

Rank would be Captain, Grade would be 0-3 (for the Army). An 0-3 in the Navy is a Lieutenant

What was Ronald Reagan military rank?

Reagan served in army during WW II and was promoted to the rank of captain by the time the war ended.

How high is the rank of Commander in the Albanian military?

Komandant can be as low as captain and as high as lieutent Coronal

Was Reagan in the military?

Yes- Reagan was in the army from 1942 to 1945 ending up with rank of captain.

What was Abraham Lincoln's military rank?

He was a captain in the Illinois militia. And while President, he was Commander in Chief.

What is higher major colonel or captain?

It depends which country and branch of service one is speaking of. The American military does not have the rank of Major-Colonel, the ranks of Major, Lt. Colonel and Colonel all out rank a Captain, unless the Captain is Navy or Coast Guard, then he would be equal in rank to the Colonel. In US Military, in all but the Navy, the order of these three ranks from lowest to highest is: * Captain * Major * Lieutentant Colonel * Colonel A Captiain in the Navy is the equivalent in rank of a Colonel in the Army, USAF or USMC