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It is a homogeneous solution.


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Yes, that is correct. A homogeneous mixture contains particles of two or more different substances that are evenly spread apart.

Yes, homogeneous mixture particles are spread evenly throughout the mixture, like lemonade.

no, consistency of such is a homogeneous characteristic

Visible particles would be heterogeneous elements of a mixture. A truly homogeneous mixture would have no visible particles. However, you could still have an approximately homogeneous mixture with visible particles, evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

This type of mixture is known as a homogeneous mixture. On the other hand, a mixture in which the particles are not distributed evenly is a heterogeneous mixture.

In a homogeneous mixture particles are spread evenly.

I believe you are looking for the word : Homogeneous.

A Suspension is a mixture in which particles of a material are more or less evenly dispersed throughout a liquid or gas, a Colloid is a mixture in which the particles are dispersed throughout but are not heavy enough to settle out, and a solution is a uniform mixture that contains a solvent and at least one solute.

It depends on the mixture. In a homogeneous mixture such as air, salt water, or brass the particles are evenly mixed. But in a heterogeneous mixture such as mud or oily water there is an uneven distribution.

Homogeneous means similar all over. So I would amswer Yes.

No. A solution is a type of mixture in which particles of the two substances are easily mixed

Forms when different particles of matter mix evenly

A homogeneous mixture is evenly mixed throughout so you can see what in it. whereas a heterogeneous mixture is not mixed evenly throughout and you can see whats in it

Blood is a homogeneous mixture because it is the same everywhere in one's body. A homogeneous mixture is like a cup of coffee. In the cup, the sugar, creme, and coffee are evenly mixed. A heterogeneous mixture is like a bowl of Fruit Loops. The different colors of the cereal are not mixed with each other. Homogeneous mixtures are the same throughout, and heterogeneous mixtures are different throughout. ACTUALLY THAT IS WRONG I JUST TOOK AN EXAM THE ANSWER IS HETEROGENEOUS MIXTURE BECAUSE ITS NOT EVENLY THROUGHOUT BUT HAS DIFFERENT COMPOSITIONS

A homogeneous mixture in which subtances are evenly distributed throughout the mixture and a heterogeneous mixture is when substances are unevenly distributed throughout the mitre

A mixture where particles are dispersed throughout a liquid or gas ,but are not heavy enough to settle out.(Ex. Jello, Whipped Cream, Milk, Mayo)T.S.C.A colloid is a type of mixture in which tiny particles of one substance are evenly disperse in another substance and do not settle out over time. Fog/mist is a good example, it is a gas that has liquid particles distributed throughout it.

A solution. A "solution" is not a process. The process of particles spreading evenly through a mixture is called dispersion or diffusion.

A SOLUTION is a mixture of two or more substances in which the molecules of the substances are evenly distributed

Homogenized milk is a solution. Because in a solution the particles are evenly distributed. Where as in a heterogenized mixture they are not and you can see the different particles. Therefore homogenized milk is a solution.

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