Wisdom Teeth and Oral Surgery

A painful hole has developed in your gums where you had a wisdom tooth extracted over a year ago what is going on?


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it is probably infected

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Well first of all, it's very unusual that an 11-year old would have their wisdom teeth already. But, if you do have them... then don't worry about them unless your dentist tells you that they will cause problems in the future and you need to get them extracted. Or, if you are feeling pains (NOT growing pains) from the wisdom teeth, then schedule an appointment with a dentist to get x-rays and see where they are going. Hope this helps!

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YES! I had one removed on Monday, soon afterwards I developed a headache. Today is Wednesday and I still have that headache. Not sure why, but I guess I'll be going to my doctor tomorrow to make sure the infection is not spreading.

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AnswerIf you remove your wisdom teeth individually, you would have to go through four surgeries.Most people prefer to have all wisdom teeth extracted at the same time, and a lot of dentists recommend that as well.AnswerDepends on if they have grown through the gum line or not and are impacted or not. My top 2 grew through the gum line (normally) and were extracted by my dentist, with local anesthesia. My bottom 2 are impacted (both laying on their sides), have grown half way, but are going to need to be surgically removed by slicing my gums open. In this case, the latter needs to be done by an oral surgeon, so NO they may NOT be pulled all at the same time. It depends on your personal situation.

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Of course there is going to be a substantial hole, that's the socket where the tooth was. As for the white you are seeing, that would be part of the jaw bone and was supporting the tooth that is now extracted. Your dentist can remove some of it, if you want but its not necessary!

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