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Iron. In the blood, the red substance, haemoglobin, is found in red blood corpuscles. This haemoglobin is a protein whose use is to transport oxygen round the body (obtained from the lungs) to the cells that need it, and waste carbon dioxide from the cells that need to get rid of it, which it transports back to the lungs for us to breathe out. Haemoglobin molecules contain an atom of the metal iron at the centre. So if you are anaemic, this is because you do not have enough haemoglobin - usually as a result of iron deficiency.

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What mineral are you deficient in if you are anemic?


Can an anemic person consume alchol?

Alcohol causes or complicates anemia in a variety of ways, and should not be used by people who are anemic.

Can an anemic person give blood?

yes...but they shouldn't

You are anemic or iron deficient and take vitamins everyday that contain one hundred percent iron and am wondering if this alone is enough to make you not anemic?

No, it is not enough, you must eat plenty of red meat especially liver,and beans , fava beans and brown beans.

If the person is anemic what is the effect on the amount of oxygen that combines with blood?

If a person is anemic, then the amount of oxygen in their blood is less than it should be. Would you like me to go in more depth?

When does the heart beat faster?

an anemic person should eat

What would an anemic person eat?

Green leafy vegetables.

How do you spell the name of a person with low iron?

Anemia is the name of the condition. A person with anemia is anemic.

When do you use iron?

When you are anemic. When you are anemic.

How do you use Anemic in a sentence?

I am an anemic

What part of speech is anemic?

Anemic is an adjective.

What are the vital signs of an anemic person?

If severe anaemia: tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension, tachypnoea

Is it ok to drink alcohol if anemic?

It is sometimes okay if a person who is anemic to drink an occasional glass of alcohol. However, you will need to speak to your won doctor to decide what is best for your own health.

What is the opposite of anemic?

Anemia is an illness. The opposite of anemic is healthy.

When was Anemic Cinema created?

Anemic Cinema was created in 1926.

Is it more common for males or females to get anemia?

Women lose blood through the menstrual cycle each month and are more likely to be anemic. They are more likely to be Vitamin-B12 deficient as well which can lead to anemia.

Why does an anemic person often have fainting spells?

because the blood presure is so very low

Why would you expect the hematocrit to be lower in an anemic individual?

The hematocrit is lower in an anemic individual because the hematocrit is the result of a test for iron in the blood. If a person has anemia, that also means that the blood is starved of iron.

Anemic in a sentence?

The patient was anemic, due to a lack of iron in her diet.

Once you are anemic will you always be anemic?

No you will not be, it all depends on what the doc said

Why does a person feel dizzy when his blood is different in hb?

Why does a person feel dizzy when his blood is deficient in hb

What is the classify of 321 abundant or perfect or deficient?

It is deficient.

Is Jack barakat anemic?

Yes. Jack is anemic. And Zack is color-blind.

What to take if your anemic?

Iron is a good mineral supplement to take if one is anemic.

Is 23 abundant of deficient?

It is deficient.

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