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Q: A picture of the word justify in Japanese calligraphy?
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What is the root word of calligraphy?

-graph-, which means picture. Since calligraphy tends to look like a picture and is beautiful, "graph" is the root word. The prefix is calli.

How do you say calligraphy in Japanese?

The Japanese equivalent of the word calligraphy is 書道 (shodou).If you'd like to hear a native speaker's pronunciation, see the related links below.

What does shodo mean?

'Shodo' is the Japanese word for calligraphy. Search up it's history on 'Wikipedia'!

How do you write the word cheese in Japanese calligraphy?

The Japanese word for 'cheese' is チーズ (chiizu) and was borrowed from English (thus the very similar pronunciation).

Where did the word calligraphy come from?

Calligraphy is Greek.

What is the word 'en-so' when translated from Japanese to English?

It refers to a circular symbol with various meanings in Zen Buddhism often seen in Japanese calligraphy.

Who invented calligraphy?

Italians invented calligraphy writing. But the word calligraphy comes from the greek words kallos which means "beauty" and the word graphein which means " to write". The writing was copied kinda by the Chinese.

What does the Japanese word saiga mean?

Saiga is like a colored picture or a painting.

What is the word for Handwriting skill?

penmanship or calligraphy

Where can you get a calligraphy font for Microsoft office word?

Calligraphy fonts for Microsoft Office Word can be downloaded from the Microsoft Office website. Calligraphy fonts can also be downloaded at many other website locations and can be found by using an Internet search engine.

What language does calligraphy come from?

The word calligraphy comes from the Greek kalligraphos. It means beautiful writing. Perhaps the most well-known examples of calligraphy are Arabic. Celtic, and Persian. But among the oldest known calligraphy is Chinese. For Chinese calligraphy has been dated back about 4,500 years.

What does the root word graph mean in calligraphy?

It is Greek for 'draw'.

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