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Q: A researcher stops people at the mall and asks them questions about their attitudes toward gun control. Which research technique is being used?
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What are the similarities between a problem statement and research questions?

they both use questions when a researcher attempts to answer when she/he undertaking a research.

What type of research answers questions by testing a hypothesis?

field researcher?

A typical example of a research questions is: "What is the effect of reward system on productivity" What is the problem here, according to the researcher And what is a possible solution to the problem,according to the same researcher?

please give me an answer, I'm from Srilanka.

A research method in which psychologists collect data by asking questions of people in a particular group?

The research method you are describing is called a survey. Surveys involve asking people a series of questions to gather data on their thoughts, opinions, or behaviors. Researchers use surveys to collect information from a large group of individuals efficiently.

What powers does a WikiReviewers Archive Researcher have?

Being an Archive Researcher does not change your "powers." They focus on helping out with flags for not enough information, as well as research and answer the oldest unanswered questions on the site.

What is a questionnaire in research technique?

A questionnaire is a research tool that consists of a series of questions designed to gather information from respondents. It is typically used to collect data on attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, or demographics from a large group of people. Questionnaires can be administered in various formats, such as paper-based, online, or in-person interviews.

Why do you use Stratified sampling?

They have used Stratified Sample. Design because stratified sample is a sampling technique in which the researcher divided the entire target population into different subgroups, or strata, and then randomly selects the final subjects proportionally from the different strata. This type of sampling is used when the researcher wants to highlight specific subgroups within the population. So in this Research this technique is used by the researcher.

How do you diffrentiate between investigative and measurement question?

investigative question: specific questions the researcher must answer to provide sufficient details and coverage to research question Measurement question: the questions participants must answer if the researcher is to gather need information and resolve management question

What are the differences between action research and experimental research?

In "Action Research" the researcher is part of the process under investigation; in "Experimental Research" the researcher tries not to influence the process.

Name one research method that a researcher may used to collect information?

One research method that a researcher may use to collect information is surveys. Surveys involve gathering data from a sample of individuals through questionnaires, interviews, or online forms to understand their attitudes, opinions, behaviors, or characteristics on a specific topic of interest.

Is a researcher a specialist or a generalist?

There are many different kinds of research and many different kinds of researcher, so the answer is that a researcher can be either a specialist or a generalist, depending upon the type of research.

What do you call a person who does research?

a researcher