A scientist studying climate believes the the earth is growing warmerWhat should the scientist do to find out if this could be true?

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See the recordings of temperature over the last 10 or 20 years. This could show an increasing temperature. Also, you could see how much of the ice has melted or the rise of sea level (not to be confused with tides). If the Earth is getting warmer, then more icecaps would melt, resulting in higher oceans and floods. +++ Essentially right but it would need records over a lot more than a couple of decades to show any long-term change because the climate and weather wobble about all the time.
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What are scientists who study Earth called?

There are many forms of earth science, and therefore many names forthose who study aspects of earth--geologists, geophysicsscientists, ecologists, hydrologists, sedimentologists, and more.

How do scientists study the earth?

Scientists study various parts of the earth by drilling intosurface layers and studying the crust. They also examine rocks andsamples of gases and lava.

Why do scientist believe that the earths core is metal?

Actually the earth's core isn't simply 1 thing. Chemically, the Earth can be divided into the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core. By comparing material strength, the layering of the earth is categorized as lithosphere, asthenosphere, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core, and the inner core. ( Full Answer )

What Scientists study find dinosaurs bones?

Scientists who study dinosaur bones are know as paleontologists. They also study other extinct animals such as shellfish,Bacteria,Amphibians,other Reptiles,birds,and Mammals.

How do scientists study the center of the earth?

they use seismatic waves and study their paths how deep they go their speed etc. they also use earthquakes by recording them and studying how they travel and their speed as well.

Why do scientist study earth?

Scientist study earth because earth is the place that we envolved on and is the only planet in our solar system that is know to support life and is the fifth- largest planet in our universe.

What do earth scientists study?

Earth science is a very vast field but briefly, An earthscientists study about Geology, Various spheres( atmosphere -Meteorology, biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere - Oceanography,etc) of the earth, etc. . They are generally concerned about how various systems of earthwork. They conduct experime ( Full Answer )

How do scientists believe the Earth was created?

The earth was created a long after the "big bang" which was not an explosion but a sudden expansion of that singularity, the matter then began to form with the universe as it cooled, billions of years later and parsecs away our solar system's dust cloud began to collapse and form the celestial bodie ( Full Answer )

What scientist studies the surface features of the earth is?

Geomorphologists study the surface of the earth. They conductscientific studies of landforms and their shapes to understandlandform history and to be able to make predictions about changesthrough the use of various scientific methods, such as numericalmodeling, field observations and experimentation ( Full Answer )

What does an earth scientist study?

An Earth scientists can study a number of things. Volcanology,geology and environmental biology are a few examples of Earthsciences.

How do scientists study the Layers of the Earth?

Scientists use their eyes where the layers have risen above ground and drill core samples to bring to the surface to study. Scientists use GPS tracking to study plate tectonics. by studying how seismic waves refract as they pass through different material.

Why is it important for scientists to study the history of the Earth?

history=his+story[story of man] . person who doesn't know his history will face an identity crisis . he will have no culture etc.... . It is important so people can know where they come from and how the earth was formed, also know what formed on earth that could help them i.e natural resources

What earth scientists study?

Scientists study the earth's atmosphere and the earth's 5 layers like the crust, core, mantle, inner core, and outer core. They also study the 3 types of rock which are Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary rocks.

Do scientists believe life was on or could be on Neptune?

no ahahhaa (= obviouslly i mean comee onn. neptune is sooooo cold you wouldn't be able too live on ittt . youd like, legit frreeeezezeeze. and it also has winds of likeee 2,100 KILOMETERRRRS! thattddd knockk yaa off yaaa feet (= hahahhaa. kkkkkkkkkkthanksbye.

Why should scientists believe in God?

Answer: In My thinking they are not considering the real meaning behind god. God does not means any religious or spiritual belief . But the nature and its rules are God . The law for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction or any other law combining all laws and every other thing of ( Full Answer )

What do earth scientists primarily study?

Earth Scientists primarily study the atmosphere, Oceans,hydrosphere, biosphere and Solid Earth. They use tools fromChemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Biology to draw anunderstanding of how the various Earth systems work.

When do scientist believe the earth was formed?

Scientists believe that there was dust and gas floating in space in a "nebula". Gravity started pulling the dust and all the other things together. Pressure started building up and the nebula got very hot . And that's how the Sun was made. Then the left over dust and gas started forming into tiny li ( Full Answer )

What do scientist use to study earths interior?

There are different ways that scientists use to study earth'sinterior. The reactions from seismic waves are used as the mainform of study of the interior parts of the earth.

If a scientist is studying the suns corona what will he find?

One interesting thing that has been found about the corona is that it's much hotter than the Sun's surface - while the Sun's surface has a temperature of about 6000 K, the corona has a temperature has a temperature around a million K. This obviously can't be caused by regular heat transfer; scientis ( Full Answer )

How did scientists find out about the beginning of the earth?

Firstly, I would just like to say that I'm a creationist, and what I'm about to say reflects that: The evolutionary scientists have not actually found the real beginning of earth, they only have theories. Where as creationists have the "truth" (Really, your question can't be answered without going ( Full Answer )

How do scientists study the inside of the earth?

Scientists use sound waves to detect what is inside earth. By sending waves down we can study not only the earths structure but also weather its liquid or solid

Why should scientists continue to study cells?

Yes.Scientist need to study about stem cells beacuse,they can discover so many way to be free from the dangerous diseasess. Edited answer: because we have yet to understand in detail, the mysteries of living matter

How should scientist share their findings?

Scientists share their findings in various ways: . as papers in journals edited by their peers . in books . in lectures to students and other scientists . at conferences and meetings . in poster sessions . informally eg at lunch or dinner

What do scientists believe is the primary cause of earth's climate fluctuations?

If you mean the present climate change, then scientists agree that it is caused by man's deforestation and burning of fossil fuels. \n\n Another View: If we are discussing actual major temperature changes though, like the warming trend of the past 11,000 years the answer is far different and th ( Full Answer )

How do scientist conduct studies about the earth?

Excellent question! There are many, many ways to conduct earth research. Thermometers and their constant and predicted use can tell you the climate of an area. Using the ricter scale many times after earth quakes in different places around the world can tell you where the worst earth quakes happen. ( Full Answer )

Where could you find a mad scientist?

Well, if you go to a laboratory and there is a scientist. You found one! But, a mad scientist? Hm. Sorry if this answer is lame but, my thoughts are that you would find a mad scientist on the web, maybe 'Facebook' (probably impossible) or a friend that knows a mad scientist in a laboratory. MOWAHA. ( Full Answer )

How do scientists find out about the earth's past climate?

most reliable is core samples In ice warmer weather gives deepersnow per seasonal cycle, think artic ice. tree ring dating , also core samples of ocean floor sediment ;man has keep records fr 3 to 5 thousand years mostly in languages nobody speaks ,but nature has always keepamazing records

What scientist studies the earth crust?

The earth's crust may indicate that there is a chance, based on its features that geologists should examine below the crust to locate coal deposits as example. The surface of the earth is part of geography. So, a geologist examines below the crust and a geographer examines the surface of the crust a ( Full Answer )

How do scientists find out if their theories are true?

They try with all their might, if they are really scientists, todisprove them. As theories stand up under many challenges, andusually over the course of many years, it becomes more reasonableto consider that there is truth in the theory. But as we know, evenlong standing theories can be toppled when ( Full Answer )

How old is earth and how did scientists find this out?

4.543 billion years. The best estimate for Earth's age is based onradiometric dating of fragments from the Canyon Diablo ironmeteorite. From the fragments, scientists calculated the relativeabundances of elements that formed as radioactive uranium decayedover billions of years