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A sentence for acme?

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The empire was at the acme of their power when they defeated their enemies.

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How would you use the word acme in a sentence?

We soon arrived at the very acme of the peak.

What is example of sentence using the word acme?

Acme makes products that are often used by coyotes, hunters, and loud, redheaded texans. (Acme is a company, not a word used in day-to-day conversation)

Acme markets how many acme stores?


Where is the Acme Heritage Society Inc in Acme Michigan located?

The address of the Acme Heritage Society Inc is: Po Box 438, Acme, MI 49610-0438

Is Fighting Among Ourselves an Acme Rocket Quartet record?

No. This is a band named ACME, not Acme Rocket Quartet.

What is the population of Acme Packet?

The population of Acme Packet is 12,011.

When was Acme Records created?

Acme Records was created in 1994.

What is Acme Brick's population?

The population of Acme Brick is 2,913.

What is ACME Communications's population?

The population of ACME Communications is 141.

Which type of screw thread is preferrable in power transmission?

Usually an acme or a variation on acme (stub acme) is considered best.

What ACME stands for like in ACME screw?

ACME - an archetypical manufacturing company. Maybe the name came from the word 'acme' which is the highest attainable achievement. Or perhaps it is an acronym: Anonymous Corporate Manufacturing Entity.

What doe's ACME stand for?

acme stands for A.a M.makes E.everything

When was Acme Tackle Company created?

Acme Tackle Company was created in 1952.

What is the population of Acme United Corporation?

Acme United Corporation's population is 2,011.

What is Acme United Corporation's population?

The population of Acme United Corporation is 135.

When was Acme United Corporation created?

Acme United Corporation was created in 1867.

When was Acme Bread Company created?

Acme Bread Company was created in 1983.

What is the population of Acme Bread Company?

Acme Bread Company's population is 168.

When was Acme - automobile - created?

Acme - automobile - was created in 1892.

What is the value of antique Acme cedar hope chest?

Acme red cedar chest

Where can you buy Acme Beer in southern California?

Lancaster Ca has acme beer for sale

When was Xtra-Acme USA created?

Xtra-Acme USA was created in 1998.

When did San Francisco's Acme Brewing Company close?

According to an Acme Brewing Company history I found on - both the SF & LA Acme plants had their name changed when they were sold in 1954. The plants continued in operation but not as Acme breweries.

When does acme double coupons?

acme doubles coupons if their value is worth .99 cents or less

What is a four letter word meaning highest point beginning with A ending with E?