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A sentence for the word hastily?

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the boy replied to the teacher very hastily

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Can you give me a sentence for the word hastily?

It's obvious that this answer was hastily written.

Is hastily an adverb?

Yes, the word hastily is an adverb.An example sentence is: "the cake was hastily made".

What is the adverb to hasty?

The adverb form of the word "hasty" is hastily.An example sentence with this word is: "she hastily packed her bag".

What is the adverb for haste?

The adverb form of the word "haste" is hastily.An example sentence is: "the village was hastilyabandoned".

Hastily in a sentence?

i did the dishes hastily.

What is a sentence with the word hastily?

When he awoke to find that he had neglected to set his alarm, he dressed himself hastily, forgetting to put on his belt.

How do you use the word hastily in a sentence?

I felt very uncomfortable in her company so I hastily made my excuses and left.

What is a sentence using hastily?

bob finished the race hastily to everyone else

What rhymes with hastily?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word hastily.

What is a sentence with the word impetuous as in hastily done?

In the heat of battle, the captain was forced to make a rash decision.

Is hastily a verb?

No, hastily is an adverb, a word that describes a verb or an adjective.

What are synonyms for hastily?

There are several synonyms for this word. Hastily could also be said as quickly, speedily, or rapidly.

Another word for quickly?

Rapidly, Swiftly, Hastily

What is a sentence with the word haste in the sentence?

The boy hastily left the kitchen before his mother could tell him to wash the dishes.

Does the word hastily make you mad?

No, hastily doesn't make me mad, it doesn't even make me angry. However, it does make me salty, hasty, and last.

What is a sentence with the word haste in it?

A haste is another word for hurry , quick , or to rush. Example sentences: 1.I scanned my papers hastily.2.Fardin was in haste when he was packing up. THANK YOU FOR READING!!!!TAKE CARE!!!

A seven letter word that means quickly?

rapidly or swiftly or hastily

What is a good word for wrote in the sentence Tammy speedly and hastily wrote her name on the note?

Tammy quickly wrote her name on the note. Or: Tammy hurriedly wrote her name on the note.

How do you use preparations in a sentence?

The coastal areas were evacuated and other preparations for the hurricane were hastily completed.

What kinds of speech is hastily?

"Hastily" is an adverb.

Make a sentence with the word crazily?

he flailed his arms crazily. The plan was crazily and hastily created. I crazily ran towards the library. The crazily dressed couple received numerous looks from the crowd.

What is a synonym for unhurriedly?

A word for unhurriedly could be patiently, slowly, not hastily, or taking your time.

What is the past tense of hastily?

Hastily is an adverb, not a verb. It doesn't have a tense.

How do you spell hastily?

That is the correct spelling of the adverb "hastily" (quickly, in a rush).

What is a seven letter word for pall mall?

Pell-mell can mean hotfoot, hastily, confused

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