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As I walked down the stairs towards the morose basement, I couldn't help but wish to run the other way.

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Q: A sentence for the word morose?
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Related questions

Use the word morose in a sentence?

He acted morose.

How can you make a sentence with the word morose?

He is in a morose mood.Don't be morose just because you made a bad grade on that assignment. Why is she always such a morose person?

What is a sentence using the word morose?

Morose means very sad and unhappy. An example of a sentence using the word could be, Anna was morose because her sister, Ella, would not play with her.

How do you use Morose in a sentence?

His boss was a morose person.

How could you use morose in sentence?

Sam sat alone, looking morose

What is the antonym for the word morose?

The opposite of morose is happy.

How do you put morose in a sentence?

It is an adjective, therefore describing something. Example: She looks morose today.

Use morose in a sentence?

The coach appeared increasingly morose as the opposing team scored again and again.

Morose used in a sentence?

There did not seem to be many happy people around as most of them looked morose in the town.

How do you use the word morose in a sentence?

Heathcliff is the morose and vengful protagonist in Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights.It is not fair to call him a morose person just because he was depressed when you met him.(Adj.) having gloomy or sullen manner; not friendly or sociable.

A sentence using the meaning of morose?

A morose person has a sullen and gloomy disposition.Joan's morose nature makes her always expect the worst.

What is a intelligent sounding word for sad?


What is a sentence for sullenness?

He traipsed quietly around the house in his morose state of sullenness.

is this how you spell morosse?

The word sought is likely the adjective "morose" (sullen, sulky, gloomy, or cranky).

What does the word somber mean What is the answer?

Gloomy, sad, morose.

A sentence with morose in it?

She could tell instantly by the morose look on his face that the job interview hadn't gone well.Many people were put off by his morose demeanor and his morbid taste in movies, books, clothes, and just about everything else, but he was exactly what an anarchic punk rock girl like her was looking for.

What is a better word then sad?

A better word than sad would be melancholy or gloomy. Morose, despondent, unhappy

What are synonyms of morose?

Morose means sad or unhappy.

What does the root word mor means?

Mor: it means Custom or Manner... for example "morose"

What are synonyms of the word morose?

Gloomy, glum, sullen, peevish, miserable, sour-tempered.

What does morose mean?

Morose means sad, depressed, unhappy.

What is morose?

Morose means sad, dejected, depressed, or gloomy.

When was Tad Morose created?

Tad Morose was created in 1991.

Which of these word pictures could help you remember the meaning of morose?

There are no word pictures to be chosen from. Therefore, there is not enough sufficient information to answer this question.

What is a synonm of sad?

upset, devastated, morose, gloomy