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The distance from the fixed point at the center of a circle to any point on the curve is called the radius.

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The set points in space that are a given distance from a given point is?

In three dimensions, the solid defined as being bound by the set of points at a given distance form a point is a sphere. In two dimensions, the figure defined as being bound by the set of points at a given distance from a point is a circle. In one dimension, a line segment is bound by the two points at a given distance from a point.

What is a plane that curves with each point on the curve of being equidistant from a fixed point at the center of the figure?

a globe.

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Is it possible for the perimeter of a figure to change?

no If the shape of the object is not fixed, it would be possible to alter the shape of the perimeter, but not the length, i.e., the distance around the object being enclosed.

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What do you say about the eccentricity e of a hyperbola?

A hyperbola is a math term meaning a curve in which the distances form either a fixed point or a straight line with a fixed ratio. The formula to find the eccentricity of a hyperbola is "E=C/A," with A being the distance from the center to the focus, and C being the distance from the center to the vertex. Math fans say that solving this formula is about as easy as solving for the area of a triangle, meaning it is not a difficult concept to master.

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The answer will depend on where the distance to the polygon is being measured from.

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Work is force times displacement (distance). Thus, about 3 work is being done. The unit depends on the unit of the work and distance. If the work unit is Joules, and the distance unit is meters, then the force unit would be Newtons.

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