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A slogan for fluorine?

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life's hard. Fluorine makes things harder. Brush your teeth with it.

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What is a good slogan for fluorine?

Get fluorine and blast off with shinny teeth!

What is a good slogan to by fluorine?

Fluorine. It's not prejudice; it reacts to everything!

Slogan for fluorine?

No fluorine, no white teeth,and don't forget no itching creams.

Slogan for a fluorine?

no fluorine, no outerspace so thank goodness for fluorines race.

Which has a greater electronegativity fluorine or francium?


How many elements are in a fluorine atom?

Fluorine is an element, s an atom of fluorine contains only one element - fluorine. However, the fluorine molecule consists of two atoms of fluorine.

Is fluorine stable or unstable?

fluorine stable fluorine diatomic is unstable

How many atoms of fluorine in barium?

Fluorine is an element and barium is also an element. There is no fluorine in barium and not barium in fluorine.

How fluorine reacts with cold water?

fluorine reacts with water veryviciously the chemical equation for it is fluorine + oxygen = fluorine oxide

What type of bond is formed when you combine fluorine and fluorine?

Fluorine seems a likely answer

Is fluorine polar?

is fluorine polar

Is fluorine a solid?

No, Fluorine is a gas.

What is the value of fluorine?

fluorine is sexy

Which is bigger fluorine or hydrogen?


Is fluorine an alkali?

no fluorine is a halogen

Is fluorine hard?

No. Fluorine is a gas.

Formula for Fluorine?

Fluorine is an element so it doesn't have a forumla as all it contains is atoms of Fluorine. The chemical symbol for Fluorine is F.

What is the element fluorine made of?

Elemental fluorine is made diatomic fluorine molecules (F2), each containing two fluorine atoms.

What are 10 facts about fluorine?

* Fluorine is the most electronegative/reactive element on the Periodic Table. * Fluorine is a corrosive gas. * Water can burn in Fluorine!

Fluorine- What does it do to our body?

Fluorine is in our teeth and bones.fluorine binds with the surface structure of teeth,makingthem resistant to decayfluorine makes our teeth strong enough and it protects our teeth from cavities.

Period of fluorine?

period of fluorine is 2

Is fluorine a metalloid?

No, fluorine is a non-metal.

Where was fluorine found?

Fluorine was found in 1896

Is fluorine a transition element?

No. Fluorine is a halogen.

Is fluorine a non metal?

Fluorine is Gas

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