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In a solution, the particles are dissolved into a substance and spread evenly throughout. The particle that dissolves in something is called a solute. The "something" that the solute is dissolved into is called the solvent. For example, in salt water, the salt is the solute while the water is the solvent.

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A colloid is a mixture in which the particles are in suspension but are not in true solution.

No. A solution is a type of mixture in which particles of the two substances are easily mixed

A solution has the smallest particles, of the mixtures that you list.

Homogenized milk is a solution. Because in a solution the particles are evenly distributed. Where as in a heterogenized mixture they are not and you can see the different particles. Therefore homogenized milk is a solution.

No. A homogeneous mixture (solution) is uniform throughout.

A solution is a mixture, solute is nonseparating solution

Any mixtures with particles whithin have not dissolve can not be calkee a solution.

soil is a solution because of the multiply types of particles.

A solution. A "solution" is not a process. The process of particles spreading evenly through a mixture is called dispersion or diffusion.

solution is a mixture of two or more different particles that are able to dissolve in each other so then fruit punch is a solution because it is a mixture of 2 or more different particles:-) hope this helped :-) ;-)

Good question, You use the variables that make it a solution suspension or colloid. Like a solution is a mixture of dissolved particles, a suspention is partly dissolved particles that are suspended in the mixture, and a colloid is somewhere in between. -Zane Chandler

A very well mixed mixture: a solution. You can't see the separate particles.

its different because a solution is a liquid mixture and a group of molecules but the arrangement of a mechanical mixture is mixtures when things are mixed together but you can tell that they're two different things.

Crude petroleum is a solution, you can’t see the particles.

the three types of mixtures are solution, suspension, and colloid. Colloid is a mixture that like a solution does not settle out. It is a heterogeneous mixture. Suspension is a mixture containing a liquid in which visible particles settle out. It is also a heterogeneous mixture. Solution is a homogeneous mixture.

They are called "colloids". These have large particles that are suspended in a solution.

Hi my name is Hannah and i think it is mixtureAdded:It is a mixture and (as long as it is clear) a solution. When it is unclear it is a heterogenous mixture of (solid) tanninic particles and a tasty solution of tea extract.[Keep trying, Hannah]

A solution is a homogeneous mixture. The particles of solute in solution cannot be seen by the naked eye. Solutions are stable.

Gravel is a heterogeneous mixture because it has a uneven distribution of vastly different particles. It is definitely not an element or a solution.

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