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A story set on actual events?

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Little Red Riding Hood,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I mean, Erin brockovich

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A catalyst is a character in a story whose actions set the events of the plot in motion.

The crisis in a story is the turning point in the story. This is where the trend for all future events is set.

Yes. The story is told by the brother of Doodle many years after the actual events in the story.

In the story of Liberty, What details cited by the author in the opening paragraph of the story set the mood for the events that follow? who are they?

Stories are made up of not just the events that take place in the story but also how the story is set up and how it begins and ends.

A load of crap. A concept or story not based on specific actual events.

The Odyssey is a poem written by Homer and is not based on actual events

The set of events that brings a story to its close, making up its resolution, is called the falling action. This will occur in most stories, and is used to wind down the plot.

The play could be based on a true story with the right people plaing each part! A play can be about actual events.

Many fiction stories are losely based on actual events with details, names loactions etc, changed or events added or changed to make a more intersting story.

Short version: A series of events that build in tensity before the climax

The events in a story are called the plot.

A sequence is just an ordered set of events. You write it by telling what happened in order.

I don't know if it was a true story verbatim, but I think it may have been based on some actual events.

In the actual game, no he does not. It is possible that Riley died in the events after the end of the story, but he does not die during it.

Fictional books contain a story or narrative of made up events that may or may not have realistic references. Non-fiction books contain actual historical events.

events of the story the cricket boy

Yes Mississippi burning is based on actual events in the racial discrminations era in America

Like many nursery rhymes it is not known what it s actual origins were.It may have been inspired by actual events, or it may have been just made up by someone.

No. It is a fictional story set against the historical background of the American Civil War. No it is fiction, however it is based on an actual period of US history and reasonably accurately portrays how people of that time and place might have responded to events.

No The movie is based on the book The Great Gatsby; though there is some modification and changes made. The book is a work of fiction and is not based on any specific events. Some of the people and their personalities are loosely based on people the author met or read about throughout his life but none of the actual events are real. The story is a fictional play weaving fictional versions of those people into a story created purely by the authors imagination. The movie is a retelling of that story based on the fictional book.

Uncharted is not based on a true story. It is however inspired by actual events. There was a Sir Francis Drake, and treasure hunters have had a sort of fascination with stuff he might have left behind. However, the events in Uncharted(As well as the characters) are all fictional.

No, Legends of the Fall was based on a fictional novella of the same name by Jim Harrison. The story does describe actual historical events, such as World War I and Prohibition.