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Little Red Riding Hood,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I mean, Erin brockovich

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Q: A story set on actual events?
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What is a story based on actual events or on real people?


A character in a story whose actions set the events of the plot in motion is called a?

A catalyst is a character in a story whose actions set the events of the plot in motion.

Is James Mink and true story?

James Mink IS based on actual events.

What is a crisis in a story?

The crisis in a story is the turning point in the story. This is where the trend for all future events is set.

Is there flashback in The Scarlet Ibis?

Yes. The story is told by the brother of Doodle many years after the actual events in the story.

Which type of text is a story based on actual events or on real people from the past?


Is the show Prison Break a true story?

No, Prison Break is not a true story, although parts of it are based on actual events.

What is another word for fictional?

A load of crap. A concept or story not based on specific actual events.

Is The Odyssey a true story or a myth?

The Odyssey is a poem written by Homer and is not based on actual events

Who are the characters in the story the story of Liberty?

In the story of Liberty, What details cited by the author in the opening paragraph of the story set the mood for the events that follow? who are they?

The events that take place in a story make up the stories?

Stories are made up of not just the events that take place in the story but also how the story is set up and how it begins and ends.

What is the set of events that brings a story to its close and makes up its resolution?

The set of events that brings a story to its close, making up its resolution, is called the falling action. This will occur in most stories, and is used to wind down the plot.

How is a play different from a fictional story?

The play could be based on a true story with the right people plaing each part! A play can be about actual events.

Which term is used to tell what happens when the actual events of the story are different from what readers think will happen?

Situational irony

Can a fiction book be based on a true story?

Many fiction stories are losely based on actual events with details, names loactions etc, changed or events added or changed to make a more intersting story.

What are the events in a story?

The events in a story are called the plot.

What is the rising action of a story?

Short version: A series of events that build in tensity before the climax

How do you write a sequence to a story?

A sequence is just an ordered set of events. You write it by telling what happened in order.

What is the events of the story of the cricket boy?

events of the story the cricket boy

Does riley die in call of duty ghosts?

In the actual game, no he does not. It is possible that Riley died in the events after the end of the story, but he does not die during it.

Was the World War 2 Moive Hearts War a true story?

I don't know if it was a true story verbatim, but I think it may have been based on some actual events.

What are Fictional books about?

Fictional books contain a story or narrative of made up events that may or may not have realistic references. Non-fiction books contain actual historical events.

What do you call the process of sequencing the events of the story in order as they happen when a reader reads a set of given questions that help him to recall the order of events?

Cognitive Dervicousynthesis

What is The sequence of events in a story or what the story is about?

That is the plot of the story

What is the chronology of events in a story?

sequence of events...