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Q: A substance is giving off heat light and smoke Most likely the type of change that is occurring is?
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What is the difference between physical and chemical weathering change?

chemical weathering change will most likely make a new substance

What happens when food coloring is added to alcohol?

Drinking alcohol: It will change the alcohol's color or taste Rubbing alcohol: It will most likely change the effects that the alcohol has on the substance on which it is applied to. It may change the color of the substance it is applied to.

If a substance changes color what has most likely happened chemical or physical change?

Very probable a chemical change; but also physical changes can be the cause.

What state will most likely result if heat is added to a liquid?

It will change into a gas.Adding heat to or removing heat from a system may result in a temperature change and possibly a change of state. A liquid substance needs heat added to it in order to enter a gaseous state. If enough heat is added to a liquid substance it will change into a gas.

Global warming is mostly likely occurring due to an increase in?


A certain mutant bacterial cell cannot produce substance x. the mutation was most likely the result of a change in the?

gene that codes for a specific protein

When heat is added to or removed from a substance it may change its state. What state will most likely result if heat is added to a liquid?

In that case, the liquid may eventually change to a gas.

What do the terms frequently likely occasional seldom and likely describe in the risk assessment matrix?

Level of probability of an adverse event occurring

Would one be likely to find glaciers occurring today in the savanna region?


What stage of the water cycle is most likely occurring on a clear sunny day?


What substance is likely to dissolve in water to form cunducting substance?

Molecules of salts, acids, hydroxides.

What does it mean when a psychiatrist puts probable before a diagnosis?

Probable means it is more likely to occur than not occur. It could be stated more than a 50 - 50 chance of occurring Some refer to likely as about a 75% chance of occurring Probable would be less of a chance than likely.