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Takes the place of a regular teacher that is absent that day.

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Q: A substitute teacher is a teacher who?
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Should substitute teacher be capitalized?

No, there is no need for 'substitute teacher' to be capitalized.

How do we spell subsutute teacher?

Substitute teacher.

How do you put substitute in a sentence?

She works as a substitute teacher.

Who is the substitute teacher in Divination when Umbridge sacks Trelawney?

The substitute teacher is Firenze, a centaur from the Forbidden Forest.

Who was Lisas jazz teacher?

Lisa's teacher is Miss Hoover (Elizabeth). She was replaced for the episode 'Lisa's Substitute' by substitute teacher, Mr Bergstrom. her specific jazz teacher was Bleeding Gums Murphy

Is Nicole polizzi a substitute teacher?


Is substitute an adjective?

Substitute could be an adjective or a noun. For example, "The substitute teacher" uses subtitute to describe what kind of teacher. "The substitute passed out the homework" uses substitute as a noun by itself

What education or training is required to become a substitute teacher?

In Australia, at least, to be a substitute teacher, you still need all the qualifications necessary to gain registration as a teacher. You cannot teach without a degree or the equivalent teachers course accreditation. This applies whether you are a full-time teacher or a substitute.

What can you do if your a teacher applicant and you want to be hired immediately?

You can request to start as a substitute teacher.

What sentences are possible for the word interim?

In the interim of the teacher's absence, we had a substitute teacher.

What is the place of work for a substitute teacher?

A school.

How should you treat a substitute teacher?

with respect.