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Science, baby!!!

Because when you push it agains the window, it pushes some of the air out along the edge. Then you release it returning the volume close to that of what is was originally and reducing the pressure in the suction cup. The greater pressure in the atmosphere pushes the suction cup to the window with enough force to make friction on the edges of the keep it from sliding around and to keep it against the window.

Suction cups wont work in space because there's no atmosphere.


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When you stick a suction cup on a window you force the air out of the suction cup and you create a high pressure vaccume keeping the suction cup on the window.

A suction cup is named appropriately. The rubber material is formed into a half sphere and once pressed against a solid structure releases air and attaches to the surface.

Because neither the grate or window-screen are smooth surfaces. A suction cup (or similar device) needs a smooth, non-porous surface in order to form an air-tight seal.

I wouldn't want my last suction cup to slip, just as I reach the top of the window. The geckos have a very clever suction cup design of the soles of their feet.

A bay window begins at the foundation (or in some instances the floor system) and forms the offset the "sticks out from the house" and extends to the ceilings. Normal windows are actually installed in a bay window. A bow window is made so that just the window sticks out from the house and the floors and wall above and below the window remain straight.

The type of wood that the pellet was made from. Usually it is the sap burning off and it sticks to the window.

The windows that stick out or protrude from the face of the wall are known as bay windows. Or a Box window.

because it is is waterproof, sticks well and lasts longer! and lets admit it smells pretty better the plastic!! :D

A legde is a narrow shelf that sticks out from a wall like a window legde.

umm that's weird umm maybe u pressed the wrong button?

that means it sticks out from the wall but doesn't go all the way to the ground

You need to get a window crank removal tool from an auto parts store. Simple pressed steel tool for less and $5.

all you have to do is jump out on any window and press left or right with circle assuming youy pressed x when you jumpd out of window. all you have to do is jump out on any window and press left or right with circle assuming youy pressed x when you jumpd out of window.

To mount a Magellan GPS you have to simply place the cup onto the window and press down firmly. This will allow the air in it to escape and suction onto the window. It is very simple to do.

If the drivers side window works; yet, the other three do not check the window lock by the window controls on the drivers door. If it is pressed it will lock the other three windows no matter where you try to roll them down from. If this button has not been pressed I would suspect that the switch is bad or there is a loose connection inside the door panel.

Buy a new window switch part #5L1Z14529AA easy fix!.. It's a very common problem the drivers window sticks when going up

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No, you cannot usually fix or repair a power window cable. The ends of the cable are pressed on with a pressing machine. A person has to buy a whole new track and cable setup.

If you follow the intructions to tinting properly, it will say to attach 2 small peices of tape to one corner on the front and back of it. when you peal the film off slowly, you will notice that there is a clear white side to it. the other part of the tint that is not clear is the part that sticks to the windows.

The rear window on a Ford F150 is replaced by removing the outer seal and pulling the glass out with a large suction cup. The seal can then be replaced, sealant placed along the edges, and the new glass put in place.

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