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Q: A teacher needs to be informative. give reasons?
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Can somebody give me an example of informative speech?

give informative speeches

How do you register in Pearson success net?

your teacher needs to give you a passcode to use it.

If your absent for the release taks can you retake it?

your teacher needs to give to you in other week or month

Is it possible to give a purely informative speech?

It is possible to give a purely informative speech. This involves giving a lot of information that teaches the audience about your subject.

Reasons Not to Talk in Class?

So you and others can concentrate on your work.So you can listen to what the teacher is saying.So you don't give away your answers to the questions.S you don't show disrespect to the teacher

Give you some examples of abstract?

informative abstract

Needs are more important than wants give two reasons for this statement?

(1) Needs are necessities that you can't live without. (2) You can't survive without needs.

What is informative buying?

Informative buying is when you buy something that would give you alot f information about something that you might need to know

Give two reasons why a teacher would not provide a student with a copy of a database?

well maybe he doesn't have one or maybe hes not allowed to.

What is an informative speech?

An informative speech is completely unbiased. It is used solely to give information. You should have no preference in your topic, instead giving only the facts.

Where can I find info on affordable kitesurfing lessons on the West Coast?

You can find information on kitesurfing on the west coast at The website is very informative and will give you several options and rates that will hopefully suit your needs.

Can Teachers give parental consent?

No. A parent can give parental consent. A teacher can give teacher consent.