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- Check the Device Manager on the user computer for hardware problems

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First, make sure the printer is on and the cables are plugged in.

A technician is troubleshooting a printer that prints unknown characters instead of the correct document. What are two probable causes for this

Any type of printer is suitable for printing bills. A printer simply shows the end result of composing a document, and sending the document to a printer for printing!

No, a printer is a device for printing.

1.Local Printing. 2.Network Printing 3.Client Printing Client Printer: The printer connected to the Worksation & the drivers are installed on the citrix server for printing. Network Printer: The Printer connected to the print server & the drivers should be available on the citrix server. Local Printer: The printer connected to locally to the citrix server & the driers are installed for the print operation.

The best printer for printing pictures is a photo printer. These produce glossier, brighter, and more concises pictures than that of an inkjet or laser printer.

my HP 4100 printer will not stop printing continuously

Printer maintenance entails replacing cartridges, cleaning printheads, cleaning the printer itself, and refilling paper. Printer troubleshooting can include any of the printer maintenance items used in an effort to resolve a problem, it can also include attempting to resolve issues with paper jams, power issues, and print quality issues. Resolving issues with the printer software would also fall under the category of troubleshooting.

Hewlett-Packard but is considered a de facto standard in the printing industry since many printer manufactureres use PCL. The answer is explained on page 620 in A+ Guide to Software: Maintaining, Managing, and Troubleshooting Fourth Edition

There are a host of websites that offer guidance and information when it comes to troubleshooting printer problems. Some of these websites are Computer Hope, PC World and Microsoft.

Its a machine used for printing!

get rid of your printer

An inkjet printer wil be better for printing photographs.

the printer itself, local printer cable or port, problems printing from windows, problems printing from applications.

No, Franklin did not invent the printer, printing, or the printing press.However he did make very extensive use of the printing press; printing books, magazines, broadsheets, leaflets, etc.Note: in Franklin's time "printer" was not a machine it was a job title, the "printing press" is the machine that a printer used to do his job. This is similar to the word "computer" which before WW2 was not a machine it was a job title.

That is the correct spelling of "printer" (a printing service, or computer peripheral).

This is based on personal opinion and what the actual printing job is, if just printing text at home with minimal graphics a laserjet or inkjet printer will suit your needs.

* Colour printing is possible * Print quality is good * Noiseless * Printing speed is high

Dot Matrix Printer is the cheapest printing cost.

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