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A Dalmatian

has black spots and white skin

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Q: A white dog with black spots are called?
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What kind of dog is white with black spots?

a dalmatian

How would you recognize a dalmatian?

by black spots on a white dog

What colour is George Washington's dog?

Georges dog was actually white with black spots.

What dog works with fire men?

If you are referring to the stereotypical white dog with black spots - it is a Dalmatian.

Is a dalmatian a land animal?

Yes, it is a breed of dog ... black spots on white, AKA, the 'Firehouse Dog.'

What kind of dog is medium sized and white with a little bit of blond spots on it?

The kind of dog that is medium sized and is white with a little blond spots on it is called Dalmatian.

I rescued a long haired white dog with black spots and I am trying to figure out what kind of dog it is. It has two coats the short thick coat has the black spots and his top coat is long and white.?

it might be a shih tzu, but if i were, you, I would take the dog to a vet to get examined.. they might know.

Hound dog with white coat and black spots Not a Dalmatian?

It could be a Blue Tick Coonhound.

What breed of dog is black and white?

You can get lots of breeds in black and white, the most common is a Border Collie. You can get most non-solid coloured spitz breeds in black and white (such as the Husky or Pomeranian), and you can get lots of toy breeds in black and white (such as the Dalmatian or Japanese Chin).

Example of expository paragraph?

Expository paragraphs are only used in non-fiction writing and they are used to give reasons and details that will support the main idea of the statement. An example of this would be "The dog is white with black spots. A majority of its fur is white and there are small black spots along its body." "The dog is white with black spots" is the main idea, while the rest of the paragraph explains why it is correct.

What dog breed has large black spots on white fur other than Dalmatian?

German Pointer.

What breed of dog has big paws with black spots on the pads?

The dog that has big paws with black spots on the pads... (the dogs from guam)