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To beat or hit.

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Q: A word meaning to strike again and again?
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What is 5 letter word for rebound?

Carom meaning to strike and take back once again.

What is the meaning king'ang'You?

The meaning of the Kikuyu word king'ang'You is 'clever strike'.

What is the Japanese word meaning first strike?

Tora .

What is the English meaning of the Malayalam word dharana?


What is the root word for collide?

The root word for collide is "collidere," which is a Latin word meaning "to strike together."

What is the greek word for strike?

Απεργία (apergia) with the meaning of demonstration and Χτύπημα (htipima) with the meaning of hitting someone or something.

What is the definition of the word struck?

It is the past tense of the word "strike". "Strike" usually means "hit", but also has the specialized meaning of a workforce walking off their jobs en masse.

What is a word meaning to deliver again?


What is the root word of astonishment?

The root word of astonishment is "astonish," which comes from the Latin word "extonare" meaning "to thunder or strike with lightning."

When was The Celts Strike Again created?

The Celts Strike Again was created in 1997.

What is the root meaning of the word 'rejoice'?

The root meaning of the word "rejoice" comes from the Latin word "re-" meaning "again" and "gaudere" meaning "to be glad." Therefore, "rejoice" means to feel or show great joy or delight again.

What do you call a word meaning to start again?