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Q: Abolitionists wanted to get rid of what?
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Abolitions were Americans who wanted to get rid of the tariff?

I think you mean abolitionists. And what they wanted to do was abolish slavery.

Were abolitionists Americans that wanted to get rid of the tariff?

Abolitionists, were people who wanted to end slavery in western Europe and the Americas. Its origins were in the UK and spread to the USA and Canada. The Northern states of the US were in favour of abolishing slavery the Southern states were not. This led to the American Civil War.

How is an abolitionist important to the Civil War?

An abolitionist was important in the civil war because abolitionists wanted to abolish or get rid of slavery. And for a lot of people the war was about slavery.

Were Free-soilers the same as abolitionists?

No, they were not. Free-Soilers wanted to stop the spread of slavery, while abolitionists wanted to abolish it alltogether.

What practice did American abolitionists want to end in the 1800s?

Abolitionists wanted to end Slavery

Who wanted to abolish American slavery?

The abolitionists.

Did all the abolitionists help with the underground railrod why or why not?

Most of the abolitionists supported the Underground Railroad because most of the abolitionists wanted to end slavery.

Was the abolitionists were in favor of outlawing slavery?

Yes, abolitionists were in favor of outlawing slavery. They believed that slavery was morally wrong and worked towards its abolition through various means like advocating for legislative change and promoting awareness of the issue.

Who were the people who worked and fought ot get rid of slavery?


Was the abolitionists in favor of outlawing slavery?

they tried to get rid of slavery

What did abolitionists focus on eliminating?

Abolitionists were those who were opposed to slavery. They wanted slavery abolished from the United States.

Name given to people who wanted slavery out?