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About How much ammo is in pistols?

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Depends on the model.

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Can you shoot 380 cal ammo in a 38 cal pistols?


What is the least expensive caliber of ammo for pistols and rifles?

.22 long rifle

Is nighthawk powerful?

No. 1 Damage at pistols. Its weak point is Low ammo.

What is the best self defence ammo to use is pistols Federal or gold dot?

There are varying opinions on what ammo is the "best." Generally speaking, the best ammo to use is whichever ammo is the most reliable in your particular gun.

What 22 lr pistol is the least sensitive to cheap ammo?

Any revolver. As for semi auto pistols, the 'Ring of Fire' guns (Lorcin, Raven, Jennings, Bryco, Jiminez, etc.) are designed to use cheap ammo. The Ruger pistols are pretty tolerant as far as ammo goes, as well.

What type of 9mm ammo is needed for smith and Wesson 9mm automatic pistols?

standard 115 grain 9 mm ammo or higher grain bullet.

Can 380 ammo be fired in a beretta 9mm gun?

No. Cartridges in these pistols headspace on the mouth of the cartridge.

What gun shoots 308 ammo?

many types of rifle, some pistols like the XP 100 and that is about it.

How much ammo does a uzi ammo clip have?

I think there are 200 bullets in a uzi ammo clip

What has the author Bob Milek written?

Bob Milek has written: 'Guns & ammo centerfire revolvers' -- subject(s): Gunsmithing, Revolvers 'The Guns & ammo book of-- .22 rimfire' -- subject(s): Pistols, Rifles, Shooting

How much does 200 rounds of ammo weight?

It depends on what kind of ammo.

Is it safe t fire a 38 super ammo out of a 38 special revolver?

It is not. .38 Super is developed from .38 ACP and is for automatic pistols.

Can a Taurus PT709 Slim handle plus p ammo?

The manual does not say either way, but most modern 9 mm pistols can handle +P ammo unless it is specifically prohibited. Best thing to do is to email the company.

What gun has the highest ammo capacity?

You have to be more specific. Looking at the "Magazine" or "clip" can give you a good idea on how much ammo a weapon can hold. Also the caliber size of the ammo is a factor to how much ammo is in a "Magazine/clip".

What does the famine skull do?

You have much less ammo, and the ammo drop by enemies is significantly reduced.

How much does 100 rounds of 5.56 ammo weigh?

Ammo weigh's 100 pounds

How much is a 50 Caliber Gun are bullets?

For .50 BMG, ammo is about $4.50 to $5 per cartridge for ordinary ball ammo. Some specialty ammo is MUCH more expensive.

What kind of ammo does a MP5 use?

It uses a 9x19mm Parrabullum NATO round, which is the standard round for most pistols and submachine guns made by countries in NATO.

Can you put too much ammo in an air soft gun?

Yes. Loading in too much ammo can actually jam your gun.

Can you use any 9mm ammo in any 9mm gun?

No. Most 9mm pistols are fitted for 9x19 rounds, but a few use 9x21mm. or 9x17, or 9x18, or 9x20

In MW2 how much ammo does an ak-47 have in live?

30 ammo per clip and maximum ammo is 210 (including 30 inside the clip)

How much ammo in a Skorpion?


How much ammo allowed to own?

no limit

When was a 32 police positive revolver with the serial numbers 57703 madeand can you still get ammo for 32 auto able to shoot through it?

about 1907..............the early pistols took a32 cal. cartridge that was a tiny bit smaller then current 32 S&W ammo. which means you have to find the older cartridge. No, can't fire 32 auto ammo thru the pistol

How much is a laser ammo in call of mini zombies?

Lazer ammo dropped by a zobie is +100. The max ammo ANY gun can have in the game is 9999. Trust me, its possible :D

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