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A lot of acid rain is produced in the midwest.

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Q: About half of the acid rain in canada comes from the US?
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What is the pH of acid rain in Canada?


Can you cite an example where acid rain has damaged a building or an area?

Acid rain has stunted the growth of forests in Canada.

What place in Canada gets acid rain?


What is acid rain comment me back?

Acid rain comes from smoke from factories in the air. It can get into waterways and harm fish.

What is it called when the acid mixes with water in the air and comes down?

Acid rain

How does acid rain damage rock or stone?

the acid rain goes in between the rocks and brakes it in little bites or in half

Why is acid rain from the US a problem in Canada?

Air pollution,

How many trees are killed in Canada by acid rain?


Why is rain sometimes acidic?

Pollution evaporates with the water, and comes down as acid rain.

Suggest why acid rain is more acidic?

Because it has various chemicals mixed up with the rain in the clouds and when the rain comes down, there are still bits of acid in it.

Acid rains are caused due to?

Acid rain is caused by rain that comes in contact with contaminents, such as industrial exausts and becomes acidic.

What areas have problems with acid rain?

Southwest Canada, Southeast China, and Taiwan.