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The combined garrisons of Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie was 86 men.

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The garrison of Fort Sumter was of 80 men.

In Fort Sumter there were 80 Union troops.

Based on all the history about Fort Sumter, it seems that there were no deaths associated with the battle of Fort Sumter.

One soldier was killed in the battle of Fort Sumter. But it was from a flying spark landing in a gunpowder pile and exploding after the Union surrendered.

There were only approximately 80 people on the union side and 500 on the confederacy

The Battle of Fort Sumter occurred from April 12, 1861 to April 14, 1861 in Charleston, SC. It was a Confederate victory and start of the Civil War. There were no deaths on either side.

9 total. Five Union soldiers and four Confederate soldiers.

Only a carriage horse was killed in the first action at Fort Sumter.

One but that man did not die because of battle but because he was testing a cannon and it exploded.

Prior to the battle for Fort Sumter in April of 1861, the Confederacy has take over sixteen federal forts. In each case, the Union commanders surrendered and no shots were fired.

There were only two casualties at the Battle of Fort Sumter at the beginning of the American Civil War. Both were Union Soldiers. One was killed during a planned 100-gun salute, and one was killed during evacuation. There were no Confederate casualties.

In the Northern States, the South's attack and capture of Fort Sumter, galvanized support to take arms against the South. Previously many Northerners saw no need for a war with the South. The attack on Fort Sumter changed this and the North wanted to engage in a war to keep the Union intact.

The actual bombardment of Fort Sumter lasted over the days of April 12, 13, and 14, 1861.

It lasted only a matter of days.

No one died in the Battle of Fort Sumter. It was harmless. The south fired upon the fort for over 33 hours. Unluckily, no one got wounded or died.

There were 13 cannons at Fort Sumter.

Sumeter was mainly a shelling of the fort until the Union unit stationed there surrendered. There were 80 men on the Union side and 500 on the Confederacy side. No one was injured or died in the shelling.

Nobody died at the battle of Fort Sumter. Although one person died during the surrenduring ceremoney when a cannon was went off.

40 Union soldiers died at the Battle of Fort Henry. NEW RESPONDENT The Union casualties in the battle of Fort Henry were: 7 dead, 27 wounded and 5 missing.

There were no casualties on either side during the bombardment of Fort Sumter. There was one Union soldier, Private Daniel Hough, that was killed in an accident after the battle. As the US flag was being lowered, a 100 gun salute was in progress when a cannon burst and killed the soldier..

Just one - by accident when a barrel of powder exploded.

Four - Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas.

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