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If unraveled and lined up end to end they would be 13020 million miles long
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How much blood is in the human body?

Blood makes up about 7% of your body's weight. The average adult has 10 pints of blood in his or her body. Oneunit of blood is roughly the equivalent of one pint. This proportion is much greater in children, and slightly differentin men and women. Men, on average, have 8 to 10 pints, while women ( Full Answer )

How much salt is in the human body?

"The human body contains many salts, of which sodium chloride (AKA common table salt) is the major one, making up around 0.4 per cent of the body's weight at a concentration pretty well equivalent to that in seawater. So a 50kg person would contain around 200g of sodium chloride - around 40 teaspoon ( Full Answer )

How much water is in the human body?

These are averages of. Babies - 75%. One year of age - drops to 65%. Adult Men - 60%. Adult Women - 55% (because they typically have more fat than men)

How much DNA do humans share with bananas?

It's probably a fairly small proportion. According to evolutionarybiologist Robert May, President of Britain's Royal Society, "Weshare half our genes with the banana" (2001), but genes only makeup 2% of human DNA - the answer depends on what proportion of theremaining 98% is the same. Humans have 23 ( Full Answer )

How much blood is in a human body?

8-12 pints depending on the size of the person. Actually about 5 litre of blood is present in a normal human body It varies by age and weight, but the "standard" answer is 6 liters, or about a gallon and a half.

How much DNA do humans share with a whale?

We will not know the answer to this until the genomes of whale species are sequenced. However, given that whales and humans are mammals, they would be expected to share many similarities.

Which cells in the human body does not contain DNA?

The only cells which lack DNA are the mature red bloodcells (erythrocytes). This is because they lack anucleus, which is where the DNA is found in other cells. Red bloodcells also lack mitochondria which themselves have DNA. Thereforethey not only lack nuclei DNA, but mitochondrial DNA as well. Red ( Full Answer )

How much DNA are in human body cells?

There are about 50 million or 50 trillion in the adult body. But that isn't always true. It may not be true because cells die and form again. And it will be hard to count all the cells. Adult and child cells don't add up because and adult is big but a child is small so the child will have less sells ( Full Answer )

How much water is in a humans body?

well 70% of the body is made of water so an adult will have more water than a child, it depends how much you weigh i suppose. When they are born about 78% is water as they age it goes to 55 to 60%

How much skin is on the human body?

well on a baby it is a 58'/. of skin at least and on a kid it is 89'/. and on a adult that is fully grown is 100'/.

How much energy does the human body have?

Well, E=mc 2 , so you could get a whole lot of energy if you could somehow make the elements of your body turn into energy. Considering the human body that would mean a lot of energy(in terms of heat & light) so depending upon your mass(not weight) we can find out the energy. . E / m = c 2 ( Full Answer )

How much hydrogen is in the human body?

Most of the hydrogen in our body floats around in the form of water. The human body is about 60% water and hydrogen only accounts for 11% of that water mass. Thus, roughly 6.6% of a typical human's body mass is hydrogen.

How much muscle in the human body?

Muscles make up around 40 percent of a personâ??s body weight. Forinstance, there are over 600 muscles found in the human body.

How much selenium is in the human body?

the daily recommended dose is 200mcg, but most Americans consume 5 times that amount, so that would make it 1000mcg per day amount of Selenium in the human body = 1000 mcg per day amount of Selenium in the human body = 200 mcg per day

How much DNA do humans share with cats?

Humans and cats have similar x and y chromosomes and have the sameancestor from the past. Cats and humans share 90 percent ofhomologous genes.

How much DNA Do humans share with cows?

Surprisingly, according to the related link below, domestic bovines (or the colloquial "cow") actually share 80% of genes with humans.

How much lithium is in the human body?

There is no lithium in the human body naturally. There are minute traces in bodily fluids such as plasma, sliva and urine, but it has no known function. Lithium isonly evident if it has been administered for medical reasons such as the treatment of Bipolar mood disorder.

In the human body where is DNA found?

DNA is found in every cell througout the body, with the cells, the genetic information is contained within the nucleus of each cell

How much DNA can be found in a human?

The human genome contains 3,079,860,316 base pairs of DNA, arranged in 23 pairs of chromosomes plus mitochondrial DNA. These form 32,185 distinct genes.

How long does DNA live in human body?

DNA will survive in the environment for less than one million years and slowly degrades into short fragments in solution. Claims for older DNA have been made, most notably a report of the isolation of a viable bacterium from a salt crystal 250-million years old, but these claims are controversial.

How much DNA do humans have?

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and just over 3 billion base pairs. Each cell in the human body has about 2m of DNA (if it were stretched out). This means that an average human's DNA would be 2 * 10 11 km long! This length is 500,000 times the distance to the moon (4 * 10 5 km).

What is the percentage Non human DNA in human body?

There is no single percent number. At any given moment, depending upon your diet (meats, legumes) and pathogenic interaction (viruses), you may have as little as 0.00003% or as much as 0.02%. That sounds like almost nothing, but is really alot if you consider DNA recombination.

About how much of the human body is water?

The human body has a variable water content that changes daily and with age and gender and body type. On average, adult humans have 57 to 63 % water by mass. At birth, a baby can have up to 75% water weight and this decreases with age. Obese individuals can have as little as 45% water weight ( Full Answer )

How much csf in a human body?

There is between 100-160 ml of cerebral spinal fluid in the body at one time, and about 500 ml is produced per day.

How much DNA do humans share with a chimp?

It is commonly though to be 98%. However, recent studies have differing views. The BBC has published 95%, and Riken (a Japanese Lab) has published 85%. Please see the related links for the articles.

Human body contian DNA or RNA?

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is two strands of Ribonucleic acid (RNA) that have been put together. See http://nobelprize.org/educational_games/medicine/dna/index.html for a more detailed answer.

Can a human body accept another human body's DNA?

The answer is NO. You can modify a particular part of the DNA by mutation but an entirely different DNA cannot be incorporated into another DNA simply because DNA is present in each nucleated cell of the body and as there are millions and millions of such cells, its not possible to do it. :)

How long is the length of DNA in the human body?

the human genome contains about 3 billion base pairs, they are curled up in a double helix, each turn takes 10 base pairs and is 3,4 nanometers in height that means: (3*10 9 /10)*3,4=1,02*10 9 nanometers = 1,02 m. This may seem unreal but keep in mind that our DNA is very compact because it is ( Full Answer )

How is DNA used in the human body?

DNA is the genetic code for your body. DNA tells what color your hair is going to be or what skin pigment you will have-- how much melanin your skin will produce. It even tells what kind of nose you will have and what your lips will be like. It makes you who you are. Chromosomes, strands of DNA pack ( Full Answer )

How much water do a human body have?

You have 60 % water in your body. You have 20 % water in extracellular compartment. You have 40 % water in intracellular compartment.

How much love is there in the human body?

Interesting question I do say so myself. Everyone is different and loves more than the next guy. It as different and unique as a fingerprint.

How how much blood is in the human body?

Depends on how big a person it is, a 2 meter overweight guy of a skinny midget makes a difference. But about 6 liter is average I believe

How much DNA do humans share with nuts?

All living creatures on earth share some amount of DNA, including mammals, reptiles, fish, plants, sea sponges, bacteria, and viruses. Humans share much more DNA with mammals than any other creature. And we share more DNA with lizards than we do fish. This is because mammals split off from the mamma ( Full Answer )

How much DNA do crows share with Humans?

To my knowledge, the crow genome has not been sufficiently analyzed for a definite answer. The process of complete genome analysis is time consuming and expensive, so scientists have been selecting organisms that are highly used in research for genome analysis. That said, the genome of the chicke ( Full Answer )

How much DNA does a human share with a potato?

Humans share very little with a potato. Chromosomes are acollection of DNA woven around protein. A chromosome may contain asmany as 100,000 to billions of nucleotides in one chain. Chimpanzeeand humans share a very SIMILAR DNA pattern, where as a potato anda human being don't. So although they both ( Full Answer )

Are the DNA strands in a human body the same?

I am not certain what it is that you are asking. The two strands of DNA that are a part of the double helix are notthe same; they are complementary. Each purine is matched with apyrimidine (A to T, G to C). Each cell of one individual (with few exceptions) contains the sameDNA, all 46 chromosomes ( Full Answer )