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Ac does not turn on 2001yukon?

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If the coolant level is too low the A/C will not turn on.

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Why does car turn off when you turn on the ac?

The ac pump may be seized up.

How do you remove smoke smell when i turn on my ac in my truck?

turn on the ac and open the door or window

Why does your Ford Focus over heat when i turn the ac on?

why does my ford focus over heat when i turn the ac on

Can you turn blood off in assassins creed 3?

if you can turn it off on AC 2 then you might can on AC 3

Why your car stop when the ac turn on?

bad alternator or ground to ac compressor

Why isn't your ac compressor coming on when you turn on the ac?

most likely it is out of freon

How do you work ac in Audi?

The Auto button will turn on the AC then set your desired temperature.

What powers the AC relay to turn on AC compressor?

For residential equipment it is 24 volts

How do you recharge your a Lincoln ac?

turn the car on

What would cause the AC not to turn on?

No power.

Why does all the antifreeze leak out when you turn on the ac from your 2000 Honda accored?

why dose all the antifreeze leak out when you turn on the ac from your 2000 honda accored

My heater will not turn on and my ac will not turn off?

First place to look is the thermostat

Why does your blower to your ac and heater fan go on and off?

Why does your ac and heater fan turn off and on

What does a flashing AC button mean on a 2003 Toyota 4Runner?

Most of the time it means that the AC refrigerant has leaked out or that the AC doesn't work for some reason. Understand that most vehicles engage the AC when the defroster is on because the AC will dry the air, clearing the windshield quicker. If you turn on the Defroster and the AC light flashes, it just means that the AC won't turn on.

Why is my fan on my ac unit not coming on when i turn the heat on?

The fan on the ac unit is only for ac. When heat is needed only the burner in the furnace turn on and is pushed throughout the house with a separate blower inside the furnace.

You turn your heat or ac on and nothing happens what could this mean?

There are a number of reasons you can turn your AC or heat on and nothing will happen. The system may not be hooked up.

How do you unfreeze ac line?

Turn the compressor off.

What is the best thing to defogger a window?

Turn on the ac if you have it.

Why is F150 ac making a clicking noise when turn ac on?

the clutch on your A/C compressor needs to be replaced.

Why won't the thermostat turn the ac on and off?

You obviously have a problem with your ac unit which cannot be dianosed here.

When the ac is turn on noise comes out what the reason could be?

the ac belt or the compressor bearings are going bad

Ac on peugeot 307 comes on when start car how do you turn off?

If you have the defroster on, the ac comes on automatically.

Why can't I turn my air conditioning dial?

If the ac dial will not turn, then the temperature controls will have to be take apart to find the issue. The ac electrical potentiometer is probably bad.

What do you do your ac unit froze?

well, what my parents do when this happens is turn off the ac unit completely, keep it off for an hour or two and then turn it back on and its working better

Why ac Burton light blinking on Toyota sienna?

It's telling you the revolution sensor is not matching the revolutions of the engine. The ECU takes over and cuts current to the AC when this happens and the ac light will start blinking. A turn the AC of then turn it back on and it's not blinking tells you the problem is going to lead to no AC if you don't get it fixed.