Accident prone starts with a c?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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A word that starts with C and means "accident prone" is "clumsy".

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Q: Accident prone starts with a c?
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When was Accident Prone - song - created?

Accident Prone - song - was created on 1978-11-17.

When was Accident Prone - album - created?

Accident Prone - album - was created on 2005-11-16.

Car Insurance Accident Prone Driver?

There are many programs out there suited for accident prone drivers. Try progressive.

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What is a accident chrome?

Perhaps you mean accident prone?? Meaning your are likely to cause an accident if there is a possibility of doing so.

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This is an accident prone area.

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Hit 3-5 objects that make you lose coins, and as a heads up, you can still get coins while attempting "accident prone".

What does the term accident prone mean?

Accident prone refers to anyone who seems to be more susceptible to accidents and injuries than others. This may be due to disability or merely clumsiness.

How do you get auto insurance for accident prone drivers?

You get auto insurance for accident prone drivers the same way as normal drivers. You will need to provide relevant car details and your driving history information and then receive insurance policy quotes. Insurance premiums for accident prone drivers are generally much higher.

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