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He presided over the eight months of Magsaysay's remaining term and went on to win the 1957 elections, "the noisiest and the most expensive in Philippine history."

Garcia hailed from Talibon, Bohol. He finished his law studies at the Philippine Law School in Manila. He passed the Bar examinations and was among the top ten.

His election as Bohol representative to the National Assemblly in 1952 marked his entry into Philippine politics and public service - one of the longest ever. He was again reelected as a representative. In 1931, he started the first of this three terms as governor of Bohol. In 1941, he was elected as a senator, but it was only in 1945 that he took office because of World War II. He was again reelected as a senator and in 1953, he became Vice President to Magsaysay. He was appointed in a concurrent capacity as secretary of foreign affairs.

Garcia's administration (1957 - 1961) was anchored in his austerity program. It was also noted for its Filipino First policy - an attempt to boost economic independence

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Q: Achievements of president Carlos Garcia
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