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Action Replay Nintendogs?

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i think theres only Pokemon action replay cheats not dogs cuze theres relly notin to cheat on or get but to unlock in time now actionrepaly is only for Pokemon

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well that's not true cuz i use action replay 4 infintidy cash & trainer points

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How do you get to Nintendogs action replay?

You have to buy an action replay.

Do you have to have a action replay for Nintendogs to have a puppy?

YES YOU CAN. You Don't Need An Action Replay To Breed Nintendogs. Please Stop Making Stuff Up.

Why won't Infinite money work on Nintendogs on Action Replay?

It means that your action replay might not be designed for nintendogs. Plug your action replay into your computer and update it and try to find nintendogs on the list. If that dosent work you probably have an alternate version of action replay aka buy a different one and see if that works if it dosent then try the computer thing again on that action replay

How do you get 99 of everything in Nintendogs?

action replay or play it for ages and ages and ages i suggest action replay

How do you do action replay on Nintendogs?

DO NOT use action replay. sure you can shrink puppies but it'll WASTE YOUR GAME!

On Nintendogs chihuahua is there an action replay code for seaside?


Can Nintendogs have puppies without action replay?


Is there an action replay cheat for Nintendogs best friends?

Sorry, but no

What is the action replay game id for Nintendogs?


Is there a cheat on Nintendogs to get unlimited money?

yes, you can get action replay

Is there a code to get money in Nintendogs?

yes but you need action replay

Is there a action replay code for your dog knowing all tricks in Nintendogs?


Are there any cheat codes for Nintendogs?

there are no actual "cheat codes" for nintendogs, but you can get an action replay and cheat with that, there are several codes for it on that

What website has the cheat to get all items in Nintendogs?

no website you need action replay

How do you get the x99 cheat for Nintendogs lab and friends?

u need action replay

How do you get ninety nine of all things in Nintendogs?

action replay is the only way

What is a nintendogs dalmation action replay code to unlock all dogs?

just get a action replay then get the code for 999,999 trainer points then you will get all the dogs

Nintendogs Action Replay Codes?

you can go on or hook the action replay to a PC and in the software click on quick update NO NO NO NEVER USE THE ACTION REPLAY IT SCREWS UP YOUR System THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!

Where can you enter a code on Nintendogs dalmatian?

There is no place to enter a code. The cheat code things are for Action Replay. Action Replay is not recommended because it glitches the game.

Are there any nintendogs cheats for action replay that give you all items?

yes there are some

Does action replay ds erase dogs on Nintendogs?


Is there an action replay code for nintendogs dalmatian and friends that makes your dogs adults?


How do you get endless money on Nintendogs?

you have to have action replay (i dont) but then it's not endless just 999,999,999

Is there a cheat for max trainer points more than99999?

Yes. You need a Action Replay for it to work, though. Just search for "Nintendogs Action Replay codes" in Google.

Action replay code for all dogs on nintendogs?

Depends on what Nintendo dogs game you want it for.