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Q: Active voice of is the thief being caught?
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Is The thief Being Caught. change to active voice?

Are the police catching the thief. active - The police caught the thief. passive - The thief was caught

Switch to passive voice Who has caught the thief?

the thief has been caught

What is the active voice of he was taken for a thief?

whar duty for a nursing assisting

Examples of active voice?

Active voice is when the subject of a sentence is actively doing something, instead of that something being described as simply being done. An example of active voice would be saying that a writer is writing a sentence. Writing in passive voice would be saying that a sentence is being written by the writer.

Who is the voice in the pit In the book the Lightning Thief?

The voice in the pit turned out being the titan, Kronos.

Is The boy picked up the ball is it passive voice or active voice?

the ball was easily caught by the captain OR (not passive but sounds better) the ball was an easy c atch for the captain

What is the voice of the verb in Mrs Walker told scary stories to her class?

Mrs. Walker told scary stories to her class is being said in active voice.

Using a conversation voice is part of?

being an active reader.

Is the sentence 'Rick and Kate built the house with their own hands' written in active voice?

That sentence is written in active voice, despite being somewhat ambiguous.

Is the police man chased after Fred passive voice or active voice?

"The policeman chased after Fred" is active voice.

Is trust can be earned in the passive voice?

Yes - Trust can be earned by being honest. If you wanted to make it into active voice - You can earn trust by being honest.

What is the passive voice of The detective identified the thief?

The thief was identified by the detective.