College Tuition and Fees

Actual fee of engineering college and hostel?

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What is Fee structure of Anand engineering college?

what is the fess of anand engineering college for b.tec in agra

What is Mae alandi college of engineering fee?

tution fee 99000/

Fee structure of bvp for engineering?

The fee structure of Bhartiya vidyapeeth pune is 90,000/- per year as the tuition fees and 60,000/- for the hostel fees .

Srmist hostel fees details?

The srmist hostel fee detail Rs53000.00 The srmist hostel fee detail Rs53000.00

What is the fee of panimalar engineering college?

It is osssu

What is the fee for studying genetic engineering in Government College Of Engineering Amravati?


Tution Fee of NUST for BSc Engineering?

RS 7000/- per month for Electrical engineeringHostel dues Rs 5000/- per monthHostel mess Rs 90/- per day.For more information visit

What is fee structure of hostel of uiet csjm kanpur?

what is hostel fee of u.i.e.t. csjm university,kanpur?

What is the fees of mechatronics engineering in nust?

Fee structure Electrical and mechanical engineering college

Fee structure in kiet engineering college ghaziabad?

fees structure of kiet /

What is the fee structure for cs of satya engineering college and what about the placement in haryana?

Nothing placement of satya college in Haryana.

What college offers the least inexpensive electrical engineering course in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area?

Milwaukee School of Engineering offers less fee for electrical engineering in Milwaukee and also the added feature is that it also offers fee reduction for the bright students.

What is the hostel fee structure for BTech in KIIT?

48,000 p.a inclusive..............///////

What is the hostel fees and mess fee?

I don't know, I want to read the answer

Do hostel Bookers charge a fee for their service?

"Hostel bookers do not apply service charges, nor do they require booking fees. The only fees required are that of booking your stay at the hostel of your choice."

How much hostel fee in bit Bangalore?

approx 65,000 per annum.

Srm university hostel fee?

rs 56000 including mess fee and caution deposit of 5000 for non attached bathroom.

Fee structure of nust for aerospace engineering?

I want admission in aerospace engineering at nust. I need to know fee

Which is the minimum fees of engineering college in Nashik?

for your information if you want to know about minimum fee only then any government college has hardly 20-30 thousand per year fee for engineering in any stream it's only private college which are having higher fee you can take the example of IIT or NIT some of the NITs are having as l30 thousand per year in IIT is is around 1 lac per year depend upon IIT too and you can get scholarship after getting admission so don't worry about fee and go ahead here s a good site which will give you information bout different engineering college and their entrance exam

Fees structure of engineering colleges in maharashtra?

The fee structure will vary depending on the courses taken. You will need to check with each college.

What is the fees structure for mca in kiit deemed university?

approx RS 417250(including tution fee and hostel fee) REFUNDABLE AMOUNT:RS15000

What is the fee structure for masters in Cambridge university?

fee of cambridge univercity for engineering

How much tuition fee of earonothical engineer?

how much the tuition fee of earonothical engineering

What the fee of mbbs in baqai medical college?

what is the fee struture of peking medical college

How much is the tuition fee in ABE College?

the tuition fee in ABC college is $10,000.00