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Importance of asexual reproduction?

Asexual reproduction is an adaptation. It is important because in some ecosystems there are not organisms or species of the opposite sex to mate with. Asexual reproduction is important because the survival of the organism is dependent on the ability.

What does behavioural adaptation mean?

A behavioral adaptation is something that an animal has to do in order to survive. like some animals migrate becaus its to cold or some animals play dead to fool their predatorsan adaptation that helps an organism enhance either survival or reproduction

What is the production of offspring by an organism called?

Reproduction.reproduction.reproduction .

What is the meaning of behavioral adaptation?

behavioral adaptation is an adaptation that helps an organism survive or reproduce

Why is cloning asexual reproduction?

cloning is asexual reproduction because asexual reproduction is to have an organism be produced by only one organism. So the item you clone is producing another organism.

What is the the type of reproduction that produces a new organism with identical chromosomes to those of the parent organism?

It is sexual reproduction

The type of reproduction the produces a new organism with identical chromosomes to those of the parent organism?

Asexual reproduction.

What reproduction has a new organism single parent?

asexual reproduction:)

What is reproduction from a single parent organism called?

Asexual reproduction

How an organism is formed?

by reproduction

What are the 7 General Properties of living systems?

The 7 general properties used to define a living organism are: - Homeostasis - Organisation - Metabolism - Growth - Adaptation - Response to stimuli - Reproduction A living organism displays all or most of these features.

What is the name of the process in which an organism makes a new organism?

it is (reproduction)

How can an organism produced by asexual reproduction be unique?

It cannot. Asexual reproduction is where a simple organism splits itself into exactly two halfs. Each half looks identical to the original organism before asexual reproduction.

Choose one organism or group of organisms that reproduce asexually describe the mode of asexual reproduction in that organism and explain the advantages to the organism of asexual reproduction?

in an asexural reproduction only on parent is needed for example(plants)

This is any cell in a living organism that is not part of reproduction?

Somatic cells are any cells in a living organism that are not part of reproduction.

in asexual reproduction there is only one what?


How adaptation is important from an evolutionary perspective?

Adaptation is important from an evolutionary perspective as it helps an organism to survive. The adaptations are in form of features that an organism will have for its advantage.

A structural adaptation enabling an organism to blend in with its environment is called?

The structural adaptation enabling an organism to blend in with it's environment is called camouflage.

What changes in an organism that take place over time?

A change in an organism that takes place over time is called an adaptation. An adaptation happens when an organism needs to change in order to survive.

What is an organism that has asexual reproduction?


Characteristics of a living organism?


A characteristic that helps an organism survive?

a characteristic that helps an organism survive is adaptation

What is a sentence using the word adaptation?

"This play is an adaptation of a short novel." "An adaptation is a change in an organism to fit its environment." "The animal had a special adaptation for its environment."

What kind of adaptation is mimicry?

Mimicry is a type of structural adaptation. Another structural adaptation is camouflage where an organism blends into their environment.

What is the definition of adaptation?

An inherited characteristic that allows an organism to survive in a particular environmentAn adaptation is a positive characteristic of an organismthat has been favoured by natural selection