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Wing to help them fly to catch food.

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Are arctic tern mammals?

An Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea) is a seabird of the tern family..

When was Arctic Tern created?

Arctic Tern was created in 1763.

What kind of shelter does an arctic tern need?

The arctic tern is a nest in the northern arctic. THE ARCTIC TERN IS THE BEST BIRD IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

What type of consumer is the arctic tern?

an arctic tern is a secondary consumer

What is the difference between an arctic tern and a common tern?

The common tern has a blood red bill with a blake tip and the arctic tern has a dark crimson bill.

What is an arctic tern?

An Arctic tern is a migratory bird, Latin name Sterna paradisaea, which travels between the Arctic and the Antarctic.

What is a Maine Tern?

The Maine tern is a type of bird much like the arctic tern!

Where does the arctic tern fly to for the winter?

to the arctic or Antarctica

Which bird flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic?

the Arctic tern

Is the Arctic tern the farthest migrator in the world?

Yes, the tiny arctic tern embark on the longest migration trips.

Is the arctic terns a extinction animal?

No.The Arctic Tern is not extinct.The arctic tern is endangered because of humans taking over their breeding islands.

Which bird breeds in the arctic and then travels to the antarctic?

The Arctic Tern

Common arctic and sooty are all varieties of which type of bird?


Is an arctic tern a bird?


Why do antarctic tern fly from antarctica to the arctic?

The Arctic Tern (Sterna paradisaea) does migrate from the arctic to the antarctic. The 24,000 mile round trip is the longest migration of any animal.

What are some adaptations of the Arctic Tern?

The Arctic tern has numerous adaptations that enable it to survive in its harsh environment. The Arctic tern is able to hover in midair. This is an important adaptation for when it is hunting, or rather, fishing, for food. it can hover over one area of the sea, waiting for the movement of fish before swooping down. In fact, the Arctic tern spends most of its time "on the wing", and hardly ever lands, so the ability to hover is important. The Arctic tern is able to migrate very long distances to summer in the Antarctic for the harsh Arctic winter. This is a distance of about 35,000 km (22,000 miles). Because it spends so much of its time over the water, naturally its diet depends on the ocean. It feeds primarily on fisand krill, crabs and other crustaceans.

Where does the arctic tern make its nest?

in Antarctica

What type of animal is an Arctic tern?


Which bird migrates the farthest?

arctic tern

What does the arctic tern spend its life doing?

Travelling from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back.

How far does an Arctic tern travel?

An arctic tern travels extremely far: about 12,000 miles from the wintering grounds to the breeding grounds. The tern must then fly back to the wintering grounds, so that is another 12,000 miles. Therefore, an arctic tern travels around 24,000 miles a year. That's really far!

Why does an arctic tern live in Antarctica?

The arctic tern does not live in Antarctica -- no animal lives there: it's too cold and there is no food chain. Arctic terns fly as far south as the Netherlands, only.

What bird leaves the Arctic to fly to Antarctica in late summer and returns to the Arctic in spring?

Arctic tern

Is an arctic tern a herbivore omnivore or a carnivore?

An arctic tern hunts and eats fish and other small aquatic animals, so that would make it a carnivore.

What animal flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again each year?

Arctic Tern