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He postulated the Bain Incendiary Paint Theory. The Bain believes that hydrogen in the airship had no part to play in the initiation of the Hindenburg disaster.

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What experiments were carried out by addison bain?

Not really sure :]

Can you describe the experiments carried out by Addison Bain?

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Who was Addison Bain?

EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN- and that's all you need to know about addison bain EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN- and that's all you need to know about addison bain

How did Addison Bain's experiments explain why it was the skin that caused the Hindenburg Disaster?

A. Bain consider that the disaster was caused by the incendiary properties of the paints used for the skin, under an electrical charge.This theory is not generally accepted.

What were the expriements that addison bain do?

Bain mainly made this statement (Incendiary-Paint Theory):The Hindenburg fire was not 'Hydrogen' from inside, but 'burning paint' on the outside.His experiments are not known to me. His CV states:Addison Bain has achieved notoriety through his work in uncovering the mystery of the Hindenburg. His research and conclusions about the accident have been reported in numerous magazines and journals, and has been featured on television programs on Discovery Channel, History Channel and the BBC. He is currently writing a book about his life with hydrogen under the working title, "The Freedom Element."Among others the 'Mythbuster'program busted this theory in 2007 by doing reasonable experiments.

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