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The copper in a US cent made before 1982 is worth almost 2 cents. Those made after 1982 are worth much less than 1 cent (but the cost of producing them is about 1.5 cents). Both types were made in 1982. But before you start sorting your pre- and post 1982 pennies, you should know that there is an administrative order prohibiting the "melting or exporting of large numbers of one and 5 cent coins" which could result in a fairly large fine.

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When you adjust for inflation what is the worth more 1908 pennies 1960 pennies 1990 pennies 2006 pennies 2007 pennies or any penny melted down and sold as scrap metal?

Based on melt value alone, any Lincoln cents minted before 1982 are worth about 2 cents each for their copper content.

Why has the cost of eyeglasses decreased since the 1700s?

Adjusting for inflation, the technology has gotten better, we can mass produce them, and the materials (glass, metal, etc. has gotten easier to find.

Is Coca-Cola made of the melted metal?

If it was made of melted metal, it would be pretty hard to drink after it was cold. So, no it is not made of melted metal.

How is metal recycled?

The metal is melted and remoulded!

Why did people snip pieces from edge of coin?

When the value of the coin base metal exceeded the face value of the coin (inflation) the coins would be clipped to reduce the value if melted down.

How did man discover that metal could be melted?

Man discovered that metal could be melted by taking matal and then putting it near a natural forms of fire. therefore it melted.

Why do the new pennies have less mass than the old pennies?

The newer pennies have a different proportion of metal

What do you call melted metal?


Is melted copper a mineral?

Melted copper is not a mineral. Melted copper is still a metal but is now in a new physical form.

Where is metal formed and moulded?

A foundry is where metal is melted and poured into molds.

Why doesnt the metal bucket melt when carrying melted metal?

Their the same thing, only melted. The molten metal is hot, but the only things metal cannot carry is something at the temperature of lava or higher.

Is the volume the same of metal or melted metal?

No, as a metal is heated and becomes molten, its volume expands.

Where can one look up the prices of precious metal coins?

The Coin Inflation website has a listing for the current value of precious metal coins such as, pennies, dimes, quarters, and nickles. They also have a U.S. Coin melt calculator. All of these services are free and require no membership.

What is another liquid metal except mercury?

any metal that is melted down.

What metal is used for making pennies?

Originally pennies were made of copper. They are now made mainly of zinc.

Can lids are used for what?

they are melted and sold as scrap metal

What does metal look like after been heated?


What is the definition for crucible?

A crucible is a vessel in which metal is melted.

Are all pennies made of the same metal?

Well depending if your talking about all the different country's pennies, then Im not sure. But I do know that the pennies made in Canada and the states are. The main metal in these pennies are copper, and copper is worth more then what the penny is worth, so sometime in the near future they will atop making pennies.

What makes pennies turn green?

The copper metal it contains oxidizes or tarnishes the metal.

What metal was used for George fifth pennies?


What is pipes and wires made of and pennies?

The metal copper- however, US pennies are now copper plated zinc.

What are 2004 pennies made of?

Pennies produced in 2004 were made from copper-plated zinc. Pennies with 95% copper metal have not been produced since 1982.

Why is metal melted?

To reshape it and/or turn it into an alloy for further processing.

What do you call a goldsmith in training?

when u want metal melted.