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They have alot of room to keep food in to keep it fresh and cold.

They also dont run on gas.

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Q: Advantage of refrigerator?
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Why is the cooling coil of the refrigerator placed near the top of its cabinet?

It isn't always, but the advantage of putting it there is that heat (hot air) rises. You'ld rather not have that hot air heating up the body of the refrigerator.

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What is refrigerator short for?


What is a sentence for refrigerator?

Who left the refrigerator door open?Your dinner is in the refrigerator.You don't want to go in there, mate. The coroner's refrigerator system has malfunctioned.

What are the similarities of refrigerator and biological refrigerator?

A biological refrigerator and refrigerator have many similarities. A biological refrigerator is created especially for a hospital or pharmacy, and has different variants of temperature control.

What is the Correct spelling of refrigerator or refrigerator?

Refrigerator but the abbreviation is Fridge. Crazy but true.

How do you fit a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Open the refrigerator, put the giraffe in, close the refrigerator.

What is the function of the insulation refrigerator?

It keeps heat from outside the refrigerator from getting into the refrigerator.

How does a side by side refrigerator differ from a standard refrigerator?

A side by side refrigerator differs from a standard refrigerator in which it can have a water dispenser and ice maker while a standard refrigerator can not have either.

Where are the magnets in the refrigerator?

outside the refrigerator

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How long can you keep turkey in the refrigerator after it has been thawed in the refrigerator?

how long can you keep a turkey in the refrigerator after it has been thawed in the refrigerator before cooking

What is an Apartment size refrigerator?

An apartment-sized (or dorm-sized) refrigerator is a half or 3/4 size refrigerator, generally without a full freezer compartment. Although they take up less space, the energy usage is comparable to a full-sized refrigerator. Their main advantage aside from price is that they take up less space-- a slightly smaller footprint, and often short enough that the top surface may be used as a counter-top. Specific dimensions depend on manufacturer and model.

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parts refrigerator

How can make a sentence with refrigerator?

My refrigerator is in the kitchen.

What is the Correct spelling of refridgerator or refrigerator?


What is the correct spelling of refrigerator?

Fridge or refrigerator.

How long is a refrigerator in centimeters?

The answer depends on the refrigerator.

What is the average length of a refrigerator?

about as long as a refrigerator

What temperature of storage in refrigerator?

You can control the temperature in your refrigerator. Generally the refrigerator is kept at 4 C .

What do homeowners use a subzero refrigerator for?

Everything they use a regular refrigerator for. Subzero is a type of refrigerator, but it is also a brand of refrigerator. They are basically what they sound like, a refrigerator/freezer that reaches and hold subzero temperatures.