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advantages- its clean.

disadvantages- its not as vierment friendly as solar power.

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they are cleaner and use less fossil fuels that coal fires power stations.

similarities and difference between nuclear power stations and coal-burning

it is not advisable because the coal will finish more faster and once the coal is finished the power stations will go to waste

We should carry on using coal power stations because we can make them eco-friendly.

Coal power stations use many different resources as a steam kettle, electrity and turbines.

There are 22 coal power stations in the U.K. Two of them are already closed so there are 20 fully functional coal fed power stations in the U.K. today. List from the United Kingdom Quality Ash Association.

Because a lot of power stations use coal for fuel. By building power stations nearby costs on transport can be cut and cheaper energy can be produced.

No coal is not really environmentally friendly . There are a lot more disadvantages than advantages when it comes to coal.

Coal is a nonrenewable source, meaning the coal will soon run out, we will then need an alternate power source, such as solar, wind, hydro, power.

Coal fired steam driven power stations are still in use

the thermal power stations are not only located in India, they are located in the part of the world where there are coal reserves, India has large coal reserve located in various parts of M.P,C.G,JHARKHAND & KOLKATA,this is the reason behind the location of thermal power stations in India,as these stations use coal for the generation of electricity

Coal based power stations produce a lot of fly ash that are damaging for the environment. Though a lot has been done on trying the reuse the fly ash effectively, the efforts have been insufficient. Hydro based power generation does not have any such damaging by product. It is considered to be more environment friendly compared to Coal based and Nuclear power stations.Coal based power plants also emit Carbondioxide gas (CO2) that is harmful for global warming. See the link also: What_causes_global_warmingi can cause a fight and make a mess of u so stay away from me

The vast majority of coal is used to generate electricity in power stations.

Coal is used all over the US in power stations to generate electricity.

in power stations to produce electricity,,,

Yes,once its used as much oil and coal power station

A nuclear power plant needs much less fuel than a power plant that uses coal or oil. Also, nuclear power plants do not give off smoke.

Main advantage-coal is readily available at a fairly stable price, the technology is well understood, and the efficiency of modern coal fired power plants is high.Coal is easy to burn, so it is easy to transfer energy:Chemical - coaltoHeat- You burn the coal which heats watertoKinetic- steam has kinetic energyWhich turns the turbine inside 2 magnetstoElectrical

It's used in power stations to produce electricity.

It is coal. Singapore's power stations are not based on coal fossil fuel.Singapore has no indigenous energy resources, and is dependent on energy imports to support her overall energy needs.

The handling of many tons of fuel as opposed to a few truckloads of uranium, the production of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, the disposal of many tons of ash, the mining of the coal which can be dangerous and has caused many accidents, and possibly the cost of the fuel relative to uranium though that depends on how easily the coal can be obtained.

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