Advantages and disadvantages of using macro and inline functions?

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Advantage: Macros and Inline functions are efficient than calling a normal function. The times spend in calling the function is saved in case of macros and inline functions as these are included directly into the code.

Disadvantage: Macros and inline functions increased the size of executable code.

Difference in inline functions and macro
1) Macro is expanded by preprocessor and inline function are expanded by compiler.
2) Expressions passed as arguments to inline functions are evaluated only once while _expression passed as argument to inline functions are evaluated more than once.

More over inline functions are used to overcome the overhead of function calls. Macros are used to maintain the readbility and easy maintainence of the code.
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What are macros and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Macros are preprocessor statements which will have specific set of instructions which are repeated in source code for several times and which wil be replaced at every call made. 1. Reduce source code length 2. Prog more readable. 3. Any modification to instructions in macro reflects in every ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of macros?

Answer . advantage is that it saves memory and time.because with the use of macros the compilation will become faster and it is very easy to change any value in the big program. Answer . The main advantage of using the macro is the speed of the execution of the program (if macro is not used ( Full Answer )

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What are the advantages of using inline functions?

Suppose that you wish to write a function in C to compute the maximum of two numbers. One way would be to say: . int max(int a, int b){return (a > b ? a : b);}. But calling a frequently-used function can be a bit slow, and so you instead use a macro: . define max(a, b) ((a) > (b) ? (a) : (b)). T ( Full Answer )

What is inline function?

Answer . it is the function declared inside the class. It is used for gaining faster speed in execution but it might give back the larger executable file . An inline function is one that is not called, its code is inserted in the position where you make a call to it. If it is called multiple ti ( Full Answer )

What is the advantage and disadvantage of macros and in line functions?

Hi All,. I don't know exactly about it, but I want to share what I know. When we compile our file, macros and inline function calls get expanded, that is, calls get replaced with definition. It makes file bulky and consume more processor time. In case of macros, some problem other problems also occ ( Full Answer )

Disadvantage of macros?

Macros are complicated to write. Someone needs a good knowledge tocreate them correctly. There is a risk of doing some damage to yourdata if you make a mistake.

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Advantages of inline function?

Inline functions are placed directly into the executable code instead of being called through a function pointer. Inline functions trade executable code size (which will be larger) for code execution speed (which will be faster). The decision to inline lies with the number of times the function is u ( Full Answer )

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What is advantage disadvantage of friend function in C?

C is not object oriented programming language thus there are no friend functions in C. In C++, which is object oriented, the advantage of a friend is that it allows code that cannot otherwise be regarded as being a member of the class to gain private access to the class representation, where public ( Full Answer )

What is the Disadvantages of using MACRO in Excel?

Macros can be complicated to build, so you need the knowledge to do it. Learning it can be a long process. If a macro is not done right you could do some damage to your document.

What is the use of inline function in c?

When you mark function as inline compiler puts the whole body of function in those places it is called, similar idea as in macros . If you do not mark function as inline compiler inside still decides which functions should be inline and which not. Inline function is less performance costly ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PHP functions?

There are too many (hundreds) functions for there to be an answer to this. Advantages are that they can be used server side to print output that can be translated from databases etc. Disadvantages it that it can delay the loading time of all you pages.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of friend functions?

by: THE DJ AK What is a Friend Function? A friend function is a special function in c++ which inspite of not being member fuction of a class has privalage to access private and protected data of a class. A friend function is a non mem ( Full Answer )

Advantages of inline functions in c plus plus?

Inline functions execute quicker because the code is inline expanded by the compiler, thus eliminating unnecessary function calls. Function calls are expensive in terms of both memory and performance, so the fewer function calls there are, the better. However, there is a trade-off between fewer f ( Full Answer )

Advantages and disadvantages of inline function?

it only increase performance for the code that the compiler output but with today's optimized compilers, fast CPUs, huge memory etc (not like in the 1980< where memory was scarce and everything had to fit in 100KB of memory

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Advantage and disadvantage of inline function in c plus plus?

The advantage of an inline function is that it eliminates the function calls completely, thus improving the performance wherever those calls appear. The disadvantage is that it increases code size, which can be detrimental to performance. For this reason, declaring a function for inline expansion is ( Full Answer )

What is use of inline function in c plus plus?

An inline function is a sequence of code that the compiler generates in place of the equivalent function call setup, execution, and take down. This is useful for short functions that run so fast that the relative overhead of the function call sequence becomes significant. The downside is that the se ( Full Answer )

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What is the use of INLINE function?

An inline function is a function that is inline expanded in your code during compilation, thus eliminating the overhead of a function call, whilst retaining the function itself for the purpose of code maintenance and readability. Declaring a function inline is no guarantee that it will be inline exp ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between macro and inline function in c plus plus?

Macros are not actually part of the C++ language; they are nothing more than a simple text-replacement system intended to simplify your coding. Macros do not adhere to C++ type safety and cannot be debugged because macros are preprocessed, prior to compilation. Your compiler can only see the preproc ( Full Answer )

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When should inline functions be used?

Inline functions should be used when either the code that the function will contain is minimal (maybe one line or two), or where the function will be called very often.

What are the disadvantages of inline function in c plus plus?

The only disadvantage to inline functions is the increased code size, which can be detrimental to performance, even with the reduced number of function calls. However, declaring a function inline is no guarantee it will be inline expanded; the compiler is free to ignore the declaration if the increa ( Full Answer )

Which is preferred to use in a program Macros or functions?

Definitely functions, since they provide type safety. Many macros also generate unwanted behavior, because of the way they're expanded. In my opinion, just use inline functions, but if it seems appropriate to use macros, use them -- but do so, with caution.

What is the advantages of using MACRO in Excel?

Macros are useful for automating regular tasks that people undertake. It enables people to program more complex tasks that cannot be done as easily with regular formulas. Macros are useful for automating regular tasks that people undertake. It enables people to program more complex tasks that canno ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between macro and inline?

Preprocessor macros are a text substitution pattern that is applied throughout your code prior to compilation. Inline functions are actual functions that are inline expanded, replacing every call to those functions with inline code. But while macros can be used to simulate inline expansion, it is ne ( Full Answer )

What is a macro and its advantages?

Macros are used to provide conditional compilation and inlineexpansion through text substitution. Macros are processed by thepreprocessor not by the compiler. The role of the preprocessor isto modify source code, stripping out all user-defined comments andacting upon preprocessor directives (all lin ( Full Answer )

What are macros and what are its disadvantages?

All macros are defined with the #define directive: #define NDEBUG Note that macro names are always written in uppercase. This is byconvention and makes them much easier to spot in code.. Here we've defined the macro NDEBUG. This is a standard macro usedby many C libraries to provide conditional ( Full Answer )

How does inline function differ from preprocessor macro in c plus plus?

Preprocessor macros are always inline expanded whereas inlinefunctions are only expanded when there is an advantage in doing so.Trivial functions often make ideal candidates as do largerfunctions that are seldom called, however for other functions,inline expansion increases code size and that can ha ( Full Answer )