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Mumbai is a natural port on the west coast of India. It handles majority of the goods on its west coast.


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One of the name of mumbai port is Jawaharlal Nehru Port at Nhava Sheva.

Navashiva Port is in mumbai

Mumbai Harbour is a natural deep-water harbour and port.

Mumbai is the city of seven islands. It became a major port. Many business holdings rised in mumbai.

mumbai or vishakapatnam

what the fare from Mumbai international air port to Mumbai central railway stat station ?how long does it takes from Mumbai international airport to Mumbai central railway station?

The largest natural port in India is in Mumbai. This is also rated as the busiest port in India and is located in the Western Coast.

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There are 12 major Ports in India 1. Mumbai port 2. Mudra - Gujrat 3. Vishakapatnam - AP 4. Cochin shipyard - Kerela 5. Kolkata port 6. Pradip - orissa 7. Tuiticon - Tamil Nadu 8. New mangalore Port 9. JNPT - Mumbai 10. Ennore - Chennai 11. Kandla - Kuch (dist of Gujrat) 12. Morugao - South Dist of Goa

The IFSC code for mumbai nairiman point icici bank is ICIC0000004

The duration of Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai is 1.68 hours.

Mumbai is situated right on sea shore. Right from day of English rule the Port trust have been used for as much as transportation overseas. Since then the fast and secured transportation made Mumbai to grow fast. Earlier Mumbai was to declared as an independent state. Because there was too many business men came from Gujarat and settled in Mumbai. Whole lot of textiles mad Mumbai to grow like any thing. As compared to Mumbai other states never had such infrastructure facilities. So right from Maharashtra it self the crowd started to flow down to Mumbai first from Konkan and then from all over India. And the results are self explanatory. Mumbai was a port city, with strategic location, suited best to European Traders who were coming to India. In fact 4 cities having similarity developed in early 18th century were London, Stuttgart, Karachi and Bombay(now Mumbai), have lot of similarities like go ethic design of buildings, Borse (Stock Exchange) and commercial credibility. The best part of Mumbai is its multicultural existence with acceptance of any body from the world without any discrimination. it is the commercial captial of India producing the a quarter of industrial GDP and a large part of martime GDP. since it is one of the popular port for export and import

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if its join with Mumbai,Mumbai will be the largest city in India

Clean Mumbai Green Mumbai is a slogan of Mumbai Municipal Corporation's CleanUp. Mumbai is actually one of the dirtiest city in India.

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