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Advantages of spanish colonization in Philippines?

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Spanish colonization in the Philippines brought several advantages, including wealth and monetary prosperity. It also brought the advantage of improved technology to the area.

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What were the advantages and disadvantages of Spanish Colonization in the Philippines?

Spanish colonization of the Philippines brought the disadvantages of foreign diseases to the natives. Spanish colonization brought the advantages of wealth and technology to the Philippines.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of colonization in the Philippines?

I think Dong Ha became Jennifer and became part of the spanish colonization.

Who challenged Spanish colonization efforts in the Philippines?

The French challenged Spanish colonization efforts in the Philippines as did many Filipinos themselves.

What are the effects of Spanish colonization to the Philippines and the negative and positive contributions?

one of the effect of the Spanish colonization in the phiippines is the abolition of slavery ,

What are factors that led the spanish colonization to the Philippines?

One of the factors that led to the Spanish colonization of the Philippines was the abundance of gold found there. Spain also wanted to expand and have more power.

What was the influence of the catholic church in spanish colonization of the Philippines?

The Catholic church helped influence Spanish colonization of the Philippines by building schools and mission hospitals. They were therefore able to reach to as many people as possible.

What is a pacifico?

A pacifico is a peaceful native in Cuba or the Philippines who did not oppose Spanish colonization.

When was Spanish colonization?

the spanish colonization was a pip! the spanish colonization was a pip!

How did Spanish colonization end in the Philippines?

Spanish colonization began in 1565. It effectively ended with the Spanish-American War in 1898. Some Filipinos who had fought the Spanish continued to fight US control for another 15 years.

What is the religion in the Philippines before the spanish arrived?

There were several religions in the Philippines before the spanish came in 1521, however, the predominant religion was Islam and the Philippines prior to spanish colonization was "Maharlika" or referred by the Europeans as "Muslim National Archipelago".

What are the advantages of American colonization in Philippines?

Democracy, public education, and equal rights among girls and boys

Union of church and state under spanish colonization in the Philippines?

An important feature of the spanish colonial system was the union of Church and state.

What are the important contributions of Spanish colonization in Philippine politics and government?

the most important contribution of the americans in the philippines was education..

When did Spanish colonization of the Americas end?

Spanish colonization of the Americas ended in 1821.

When was Spanish colonization of the Americas created?

Spanish colonization of the Americas was created in 1525.

Why did Japan colonized Philippines?

The Japanese colonized the Philippines to establish merchant and trade affairs between the two countries. The Japanese were present in Luzon long before Spanish colonization.

When was the American colonization of the Philippines?

The American colonization of the Philippines lasted between 1898 and 1946. American gained control of the Philippines with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. After World War II, America gave the Philippines their independence.

What did the Filipinos and Spanish think of each other during the colonization?

Most heroes in Philippines have a history of being a leader that fought againts the Spaniads.

Advantages of Magellan's discovery of the Philippines?

It lead to the other Spanish into the Philippines , expeditions like Legazpi . through this, contacts between Europe annd Philippines established :D _ jUrsKie :*

In arguing for royal assistance English colonization Richard Hakluyt stressed the?

Miltary advantages of building forts to threaten Spanish treasure fleets.

Is their any form of slavery in the Philippines during pre-spanish colonization?

Yes...There are three social classes during the pre-spanish colonization periodMaginoo - composed of datus, chiefsAlipin - slaves to the noblemenTimawa - former slaves who are freed by their mastersBecause of the social classes, slavery is also present even before the Philippines was colonized by other nations.

Why were the mountain tribes and the Mindanao areas spared of Spanish colonization?

One of the main reasons why Spain colonized the Philippines was because they weren't united as a country. Based on what I have read, the Mindanao areas already had their own religion (known as Islam) before the Spaniards came and this religion, I think, made them more united than the other areas of the Philippines. Their unity spared them from Spanish colonization. :)

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