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computation speed up

resource sharing


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What is centralized operating system?

is Distributed operating system a centralized OS

Which operating system is a distributed operating system?

Several operating systems are capable of functioning in a distributed manner, including Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Mac OS X.

Difference between distributed operating system and centralized operating system?

In centralised tasks are done by one system and in distributed tasks are shared by the many computers

What is a distributed operating system?

AnswerDistributed operating system is nothing but the collection of computers which are interconnected and that appears to the user as a single system... and if any of the system crashed ,then it doesn't effect the other system .

Comparison of network operating system and distributed operating system?

A network operating system is one where multiple computers are hooked together on one network. A distributed operating system helps by cutting up the work so no one computer is overloaded.

Which operating system is distributed as Red Hat?

Linux is distributed as Red Hat

Explain all types of operating system with diagram?

There are basically four types of operating systems. They include Batch Operating System, Multiprogramming Operating System, Network Operating System and Distributed Operating System.

What is distributed system in operating system?

A distributed system in operating system, is simple the distribution of jobs among the different unit of a computer system. Eg:- When printing a picture the job are distributed among different unit of a computer such as a processor , RAM, and a printer..ETC

Essential properties of distributed operating system?

The most essential properties of a distributed operating system (DOS) are its availability, inter-process communication and synchronization. One of the earliest examples of a distributed system was the DYSEAC general-purpose computer.

What are 5 Classification of each operating system?

1. BATCH PROCESSING operating system 2. MULTIPROGRAMMING operating system 3. TIME SHARING operating system 4. REAL TIME operating system 5. DISTRIBUTED operating system

Difference between computer network and distributed operating system?

On a computer network, operating systems communicate with each other. In a distributed operating system, a single OS is communicating with itself across multiple machines.

In which of the following operating systems the entire network is transparent to user?

Distributed Operating System (DOS)

What are the advantages of distributed operating system?

Advantages of distributed operating system include: sharing of resources, reliability, communication and computation speedup. Distributed systems are potentially more reliable than a central system because if a system has only one instance of some critical component like CPU.

Types of automated systems?

computer system, distributed control system, operating system, lighting system e.t.c

Is Linux a distributed operating system?

In common usage, no. Some distributions, such as PelicanHPC, are capable of using Linux in a distributed cluster.

What are the types of scheduling algorithm of distributed operating system?

Several operating systems are capable of functioning in a distributed manner, including Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and Mac OS X.

2 of the most used operating system software?

two of the most used operating softwares are distributed among the internet

What makes windows a proprietary operating system?

It's source code is not publicly distributed or documented.

What is the vmtp?

versatile message transfer protocol is a transport protocol designed for distributed operating system

What is mach in distributed operating system?

Mach is an operating system kernel developed at Carnegie-Mellon University to support operating system research, primarily distributed and parallel computation. The project at CMU ran from 1985 to 1994.Several factors were considered in making the Mach operating system. It was important that the operating system be:*Multi-user and multitasking.*Network-compatible.*An excellent program-development environment.*Well-represented in the university, research, and business communities.*Extensible and robust.*Capable of providing room for growth and future extensions.

What is the difference between Centralized System and Distributed System as far as operating system data replicability system memory and homogeinity are concerned?"

Essential properties of clustered operating system?

A clustered system combines multiple computers into a single system to perform computational task distributed across the cluster.

How do you refer to a collection of software that allow a computer to function?

The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.The operating system.

What is PC-DOS?

PC-DOS is the original operating system for the IBM PC. It is basically the same operating system as MS-DOS, but was distributed by IBM instead of being licensed directly from Microsoft.

What is Macintosh?

Personal computer line developed and distributed by Apple, Inc. Macintosh computers have a specialized operating system, which differentiates from Microsoft's Windows operating system. McIntosh is also a last name and a kind of apple.